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Good News for Cotton Crops

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ALEXANDRIA, LA.- For Peter Dekeyzer a day among this sea of white cotton blossoms is just another day in the life of a fourth generation cotton farmer.

"It's all I've done all my life and I've been lucky enough that the farm has survived through the good times and the bad also," says Dekeyzer.

But it's a family tradition that can keep farmer's like Dekeyzer wondering exactly what the end of the season will bring...when they have to worry about things like this year's drought.

"When it doesn't rain for 30, 40 days like we saw this past year you kind of start wondering you know, what's the crop going to look like after that."

At first farmer's here in CenLa thought the cotton crop wouldn't be good because of the drought, but they say in the end it actually ended up helping them.

"We're really early with our harvest here this year because of the drought. The crop matured so fast. This is really unexpected for us to be harvesting our crop this fast."

Despite those dry conditions earlier in the year, and the heavy rains they experienced this summer, Dekeyzer's farm has already harvested about half of this year's crop...and they say the numbers are looking good.

"We've probably only had anywhere from a two to a ten percent loss in our cotton crop this year, which I know most of the guys in there or at least I did, that was just a blessing in disguise."

In fact, Dekeyzer says that this year's crop is turning out even better than expected.

"If the weather will hold for us to harvest the cotton crop that we have there's going to be a lot of farmers out there that will be like me. They'll be surprised. They'll be pleased to see the yields that are out there."

But whether or not the turnout at the end of the season is good or bad....this cotton farmer says you'll find him right here again next matter what.

"I enjoy it. I like being my own boss and I'm pretty much an outside kind of guy. I think I'd go crazy behind a desk."

Last years cotton prices soared to a record high, and farmers in CenLa say this year's crop won't quite match those numbers.

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