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Superintendent Search Continues

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ALEXANDRIA, LA.- For the Rapides Parish School Board...the search for the system's leader came to a standstill this week.

The school board is continuing its search for a new superintendent, but in the mean time an interim must be named...and the board failed to choose a candidate during Monday's meeting.

That news is frustrating to principals like Wally Fall of Brame Junior High.

"They need to get this taken care of now. Yeah, we can go until January and name a superintendent, but we need an interim superintendent right away," says Fall.

The reason why, he says, is because there are decisions that need to be made....decisions that can't be made without the stamp of approval from a hiring new teachers to relieve overcrowded classrooms.

"We can not get these teachers to come in and be here. It's caused us to have overloaded classes in some areas," adds Fall.

Once an interim is chosen, Principal Fall says that problems like the hiring of new teachers can be solved quickly.

"There's teachers on board that can be moved over here with the stroke of a pen."

School board member Steve Berry says that the board is doing everything they can to choose a qualified candidate as soon as possible. ..but decisions like these take time.

"We need to get this done. We know that as a group of 9, but people need to understand that there are 9 school board members and until 5 school board members agree on something the board can't move forward," says Berry.

He says that while the board knows this situation is frustrating for some...he says parents should rest assured that the quality of education is not being affected.

"It's frustrating for people in the system who are maybe trying to get specific things done that only a superintendent can do, but it does not impede education in the parish in any way that I'm aware of," adds Berry.

For now teachers and administrators across the parish will have to continue to play the waiting game.... until a decision falls into place.

The school board says they plan to further discuss the interim superintendent candidates at a meeting on Monday night. They hope to have a new superintendent named by early next year.

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