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WEB EXTRA: Young Achiever Spotlight on Brendan Patman

Photo: Brendan Patman Photo: Brendan Patman

KALB News Channel 5 profiles outstanding students who excel inside and outside the classroom with our Young Achiever Spotlight. This segment has been a regular feature on News Channel 5 for nearly three years. It's an opportunity to showcase outstanding and emerging talent among kids and teens from the Central Louisiana area and beyond. If you know of a kid or teen who is doing something special for the community, let us know about it. You can e-mail kweiss@kalb.com with your suggestions.

As we mentioned, here on KALB.com, we have featured Young Achievers from the Cenla region and beyond. The internet has served as a terrific outlet to help spread the word about how our future leaders are making a difference, regardless of their age.

KALB News Channel 5 was on hand for a terrific event in Florida that attract young, emerging talent from all over the South and even beyond that! The "Youth of the Nation" event was held in Lake Worth, Florida, and was a terrific outlet for young musicians to showcase their talent.

While many competitions comparing one person's music style over another, this was an opportunity for each individual to show off their talent and creative abilities without worrying about what someone else was doing or competing with others for a prize or accolades. 

The "Youth of the Nation" event brought together musicians for one common bond: the love of music and sharing their talent with others. How inspiring it was to see these talented young musicians help each other out and work together to improve their skills and stage presence.

One such example is a 12-year-old from Indiana, Brendan Patman. He and his family traveled to this festival all the way from Indiana. They learned of the event from Rough Shot band member Paul Kasin, who played an integral role in coordinating and organizing the event. He also had assistance from 15-year-old Bryce Kretz and his father, Ron. Kretz was profiled on our original Young Achiever Spotlight, nearly three years ago. Kretz is appreciative of the support he has received as a drummer prodigy and it is very inspiring and rewarding to see him give back to others through his tireless efforts to encourage and inspire others to reach for their goals.

Kasin saw the opportunity for Patman to introduce his musical talents to a new audience and to interact with other musicians his age in a day of performances that entertained and inspired those in attendance. For Patman and his family, it was a time to enjoy a family vacation and help boost awareness of Brendan's talent and ability, by participating in the event.

But the experience even went further beyond that. In a day's time, Brendan made many new contacts and friends who like him, have a love and passion for music and truly enjoy getting the chance to perform before a crowd. It also serves as a great confidence booster to see other similar aged musicians cheer him on, offer advice, and learn from each other. It was an opportunity to extend Brendan's reach beyond his home state and discover a new audience and a new venue for his music.

This was a time where the focus was on each individual's unique style and presentation. There was no prize, award, voting for one individual over another or any sense of a contest. Each musician or band carried confidence in their talent and style and it was all real music. No auto tune here! Real musicians playing real instruments. Some may still be in a learning mode, but how inspiring to see even at a young age, the confidence to stand up on stage, play for hundreds in the crowd and feel an incredible sense of accomplishment from the crowd.

At first glance, Patman and other teens involved in the concert may look like ordinary young adults you see everyday. But, when they get on stage, their personality, musical style and vocal abilities shine brighter than the spotlight aimed at the stage. Patman graced the stage with a smooth style and great guitar work. He left the crowd wanting more, which is always the sign of a successful show. Following Patman's performance, it was an opportunity for the crowd to offer congratulations, learn more from the artists first-hand, and even sign an autograph!

Patman's love for music began at a very young age. His dad says he sang along to the radio at a very young age and quickly began to memorize lyrics and melodies. Around age 8, his love for playing guitar began to emerge. And now, he even plays a ukulele! In addition to his musical talent, Brendan also excels at school and proved to be a Young Achiever who continues to build his confidence with live performances at festivals, fairs, and community events where each show helps him refine his stage presence and interaction with the audience. With a microphone and guitar in hand, Brendan takes the stage as a true performer.

For Patman, it was a journey of hundreds of miles, with a purpose. And the effects of the trip will be long lasting. Friendships among the musicians that were made will last across the miles, thanks to a world that includes text messaging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and camera phones. With all this technology, it is now easier than ever to get the word out about one's musical talent. Patman and his family realize and acknowledge the importance of participation in a youth showcase. He handled his performance like a musician well beyond his years. Before and after his performance, Patman listened intently to the other performers, showing them encouragement and confidence.

For those participating, there is already talk of "next year's show" and each musician will go on their individual path in search of the next show and another audience. For Patman and his family, that would come after the family spent some time enjoying the beach and the sun and a terrific bonding experience where Brendan learned lessons that you don't always find in a classroom.

There's a sense of reality and understanding that the path to musical fame and fortune is not a simple one. But with the help and support of family, friends, and fans to help guide and lead the way, it's an destination worthy of the journey. By seeing the encouragement, smiling faces, and spirit of cooperation, Brendan is already well on his way with a bright future in the forecast.

To learn more about Brendan Patman, you can click here.

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