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Students React To Canceled Fall Break

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ALEXANDRIA, La. -- LSUA is getting rid fall break this year. They say it's all because of Hurricane Isaac.

News Channel Five's Brooke Buford went to campus to talk to students and staff about the decision.

She has the story of how the storm in the state is stirring up students on campus.

Arthur Lewis and Brandon Crain had big plans for fall break.

"I was planning on crashing hard, sleeping a lot," said Lewis, a psychology major. "I might have tried to study. But, no more.

"Probably try to work on a costume for Halloween or something," said Crain, a business major. "With school you don't get much time to do it."

But now, they'll be spending that time in the classroom because LSUA canceled the break.

"It's just when someone takes something from me and I don't know it, it kind of surprises me," said Lewis.

School administrators say they made the decision to cancel the two day October break a few weeks ago, following the lead of the main LSU campus.

"The decision was made at the chancellor's counsel level," said Barbara Hatfield, provost of academic affairs. "We looked at what other schools were doing and saw that LSU had already decided to cancel their fall break. Then, we looked at our calendar. We have to have 15 weeks for our accreditation and we were cutting our weeks kind of short because of Thanksgiving and fall break so we knew we had to make up the days to have enough hours in the classes."

Hatfield says the decision has come with mixed reviews from those at the university.

"A lot of people are glad we're doing it because they want to make sure they cover all the material in their classes," she said. "Some people would rather have a vacation than come to school. We're an academic institution so, we feel like it's important that we have enough time in the classroom and that the professors have enough time to cover all the material that is needed in each course."

Students we spoke with say although it would have been nice to have a few days off, it's still better than losing some of the bigger holiday breaks to come.

"You kind of look forward to it because right now we're getting to midterms and stuff," said Crain. "So, you start later in the semester getting tired mentally so you wasn't that extra day off to recuperate. At least we still get the week off for Thanksgiving, I guess."

In addition to canceling the fall break, LSUA is also changing the days for exam week to Dec. 4-8.

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