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Avoyelles School Bus Crash Update

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AVOYELLES PARISH, La. - More than a dozen elementary students were injured and three bus drivers on leave after a bus accident in Avoyelles Parish Tuesday.

News channel 5's Kathleen Witte followed up in Avoyelles Parish today, to find out how the school board--and the parents--are addressing this accident.

Bobbie Moreau says her granddaughter Cassidy didn't sleep well last night.

Bobbie Moreau, granddaughter in crash: "She had nightmares last night. She slept at her momma's and was screaming about 'Don't get on that bus, don't get on that bus.' She's terrified."

Cassidy was one of the 112 Plaucheville Elementary students involved in the three-school bus crash right here on Moreauville-Plaucheville road Tuesday afternoon. She was also one of more than a dozen children who went to the hospital. Cassidy suffered a bump on the head.

Moreau: "I got there, and it had to be the most horrific thing I've ever seen. They had three school buses, they had state police, ambulances, kids screaming and crying."

Medical staff says the reported injuries seem to have been minor, but Moreau says she believes all injuries could have been avoided.

Moreau: "Grandbaby wouldn't have been hurt at all if she would have had a seat belt on."

Avoyelles Superintendent Dwayne Lemoine says he doesn't disagree.

Dwayne Lemoine, Avoyelles Parish Superintendent: "It was one bus striking another from the rear, which makes me want to believe that a harness, a seatbelt, would have been a preventative remedy to this situation."

Lemoine says the school board will look into seat belts in the near future, but for now they're still investigating the accident.

Lemoine: "Once we see the police report, we will look into if we were negligent. And if we were negligent, we want to find out why, and how, and by whom."

Bobbie Moreau says, until she sees some action, she'll be taking her own.

Moreau: "I'm very upset about the seatbelts. I will be talking to someone higher up."

But for now, she says she's just glad to have her granddaughter safe by her side.

Again, the three bus drivers involved are on leave, which the superintendent tells us is standard while investigations into the crash continues.

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