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Invisible Children Campaign

A group of students in Avoyelles Parish is trying to make a difference on the other side of the world. Through a global mission, they're trying to shed light on the wretched lives of many people in Uganda.

"I think people want to be involved in something bigger than themselves," says Adam Lord, a teacher at Avoyelles Public Charter School.

Suffering in Uganda has taken center stage for students at Avoyelles public charter school with the program "Invisible Children's Fall Kony 2012.

That title came about as as way to bring awareness to suffering in Uganda.

He feels invisible. He feels like no one can see him his friends and family because they are so far away and removed that literally no one sees their plight.

Now, a group of students in Adam Lord's class have made it their mission to raise funding and spread the word about the devastation.

Obviously they need as much support as they can get and for us to just be another school in Louisiana to come together and share all of our opinions and voices our opinions. Every little bit helps for the cause.

They are also encouraging their friends to get involved with making a change in the world by finding creative ways to donate funding for the cause.

"We've done some things low scale at the school. We did a side walk art competition kids can pay money to spray paint their own t-shirts," said a student at Avoyelles Public Charter School.

Students say their goal is to show others the issues and conditions facing people of Uganda to possibly make a difference.

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