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One Survivor's Story

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - A lot of stories at the Komen Cenla Race for the Cure. All have their share of sadness, but some also have a bit of success. One lady in pink says she owes her strength in battling breast cancer to her daughters. 

Karen Jones has never missed a Komen Cenla Race for the Cure--because that would mean missing a chance to celebrate her victory over breast cancer.

"I'm actually running because I'm celebrating," says Jones. "I'm celebrating that I'm alive, I'm here."

Jones has 4-and-a-half years of remission to celebrate, but she also has a message for the women who are still fighting the battle, celebrating life just one day at a time.

"I want to show other women, be an example," she says. "Say, hey, you can make it. See, here I am. I'm here. And it's a celebration. That's why I've got my hair up today, because I'm celebrating."

But there was a time when Jones had lost that hair to chemotherapy. But what she never lost, was hope. And she got that from her daughters.

"So that's what got me going every day, got me through it," Jones says. "Wanting to live for those three girls."

One of those daughters ran the race with Jones. Kara Thompson says the race brings a mix of emotions to her family.

"I was just thinking that this is our third year doing this, and it's just so exciting, and it's fun to be out here," Thompson says. "But I really got choked up during the opening ceremony because I was looking at everyone's back and who they were walking for, and some of them said 'in memory of'. And I'm here walking in celebration of my mom, and her beating breast cancer. It's just such an honor to be out here with her every year."

Thompson says it's a day to connect with her mom, but it's also a day to connect with the family members of other survivors. She says, they have a lot in common.

"Such a connection," she says. "Because you spend so much time giving care for them, and it becomes your journey too. Because you're pulling for them, and you're trying to help them, and you do whatever you can. And it's really by the grace of God that we got through it."

Karen Jones agrees. She says she walks today by the grace of God, from the support of her daughters, and to share her passion for this life.

"And you have family that you love, and that keeps you going," says Jones. "And you got to fight. It took me about two and a half years to get through from the beginning to the end. But here I am, 4-and-a-half years later, I'm a survivor. And I'm happy to be here. I keep pushing and going."

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