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Pet of the Week on Crystal’s Critters

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - "Hello and welcome to this edition of Crystal's Critters I'm Crystal Whitman. Mr. Henry Wimbley how are you today?"

"Doing fine, how are you?"

"I'm good thank you so much for being on the show with us."

"Well thank you very much."

"And who do we have with us?"

"This is Sara."


"Umm Sara is a little Terrier mix and ugh she's about a year old."

"She's been spayed already so that would reduce the cost for someone that's looking for a dog at a reduced price. This would be excellent."

"Now while we are on the topic of prices talk about the adoption fee process and the application process. What do people have to do to adopt an adorable animal here at the shelter?"

"Well, we would suggest that they have an idea about the type dog they are looking for. Size and you know breed those type things that would shorten the process of them looking here at the shelter. And the application takes about five minutes. The fee for male dogs is $90 females are $95 and as you said about this dog it's considered to be less because she's been spayed already."

"Right, and preparation is key when you're trying to look for an animal and research things for an animal now preparation is key what did you say?"

"You have to get your house ready for a dog. There may be some dog houses that has to be purchased, some doggy toys, things like that, dog food and things like that, so when they come home they're already set for the new pet. You wouldn't want to have to run out and get all that stuff afterwards so I would do my shopping ahead of time as well."

"And so they are already prepared for their forever home as you would say."


"Yes, alright well we thank you so much for joining us on this edition of Crystal's Critters and the telephone number here at the animal shelter?"

"473-1229 and we're looking forward to someone coming by and getting this dog."

"Alright well we thank you so much Sara for being here on this show and we will see you back here next Monday."


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