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Going Green: Louisiana's Soybean Crop

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Louisiana farmers are planting more acres of soybeans this year, but they're expected to be harvesting less, so scientists and the LSU Ag Center are growing their own soybeans to find the perfect recipe for a healthy crop.

"We're trying to produce the best soybean crop that we can, economically, help producers with problems that they may have, assist agents with identification of different diseases, insects, pests." Said Ronnie Levy, State Soybean Specialist.

This year Louisiana soybean farmers planted 1.2 million acres of the crop, up from 1.15 million last year, but due to wet weather those farmers may be harvesting less.

"They were unable to apply herbicide to control weeds early in the season, because A. it was too wet for ground equipment and B. It may have been too windy for a crop duster to fly to apply these." Said Daniel Stephenson of the LSU Ag Center.

The Ag Center is working to find the perfect plant for the worst conditions.

"We actually have about 200 different soybean varieties that we plant here at the station in our variety trial, in our variety trial we look at all those different varieties and see which ones will perform best in Louisiana." Said Levy.

In the process, sowing the seeds of a better future for Louisiana's new top crop.

"Soybeans, which was traditionally a Midwest crop, and kind of a upper mid south, Arkansas, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, can be very very successful here, and on top of all that we just have excellent growers here in the state." Said Stephenson.

The LSU Ag Center will have a field day at the LSUA Campus on July 18th to exhibit their research on soybean production to local and statewide growers.

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