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LSUA is set to host two financial aid workshops

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Students are learning valuable lessons about how to help fund their college education. LSUA held financial aid workshops Saturday and Monday to help prepare college students for the upcoming school year.

"We wanted to kind of present some things to students, give them an opportunity to hear some of the new updates that have come through as far as the federal regulations regarding financial aid, and changes in loan interest rates," said the Financial Aid and Scholarships Director, Paul Monteleone.

Those changes to student loan interest rates is what really has students and families worried, but when it comes to a good education, some believe cost is a lesser concern.

"Anytime anything goes up it's going to affect our pocketbook, but we also realize that our daughter's education is real important, so we're here to find out how we can find some opportunity to help pay for her college," said college parent Jimmy Larrieu.

While most people cringe at the sound of doubling interest rates, it really may not be as big of a change as initially thought.

Monteleone explains, "It's really what the rates were meant to be in the first place. It was an agreement that brought the rates down to 3.4 but that was only supposed to be in place on both subsidized and unsubsidized for a year. Then they came back in with and kind of came to an agreement, "let's leave it on subsidized for another year" but it was supposed to go back two years ago to the 6.8 percent, so its really not an increase its bringing it back to where it was."

The sessions are designed to maximize the resources available to students while trying to keep their debt load to a minimum with the help of scholarships and other forms of assistance.

"I have a daughter that's graduating next year and will be going to LSUA, and I realize that college prices are going up and we're just trying to find some different financial aid that we can help her get her education that she needs,"says Larrieu.

Financial aid can be confusing, and these workshops are meant to help applying to college,  a little easier.

"Anytime students have questions we're here to help. Always research before you sign your name on a dotted line. Know what it is that you're signing up for and know all the regulations involved with it," said Monteleone.

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