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Keeping Cool

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - When the temperature on the thermostat goes up, you're asking more and more out of your A/C unit. But that unit can only do so much. So how do you keep it running and keep yourself cool?

In the middle of summer there are few things more cherished than your air conditioned. Hot weather means a heavier workload for your A/C unit. That's why it's important to take care of it before something goes wrong and you're left at the mercy of mother nature.

"Anything can and will break at any given time. If you get a heads up on actually checking it beforehand, there's more of a chance that you can catch something big before it becomes a really large problem." Said Joshua Basco, ACA Service Technician.
For techs like Basco, they see all kinds of issue with neglected A/C units.
"One day you might wake up one morning or you might get off of work one night and you might notice your unit isn't blowing air as cold as it was before, and that's usually the biggest sign that people get." Said Basco.
From condenser coils clogged with lawn clippings to rusty pipes and leaky tubes, service techs have seen it all, but a few simple steps can keep you cool.
"You don't think about changing your filter, change your filter out on a regular basis, don't keep all the doors in the house close" Said Basco.

It's also important to get help when you need it.
"If something goes wrong with your air, don't wait it out, because the problem could become bigger than what it already is and by that time you're spending a lot more money than you want to." Said Basco.
Changing your air filters can prolong the life of your A/C unit and lower your electricity bill in the process.
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