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Fighting the Bite

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- It's summertime and that means one thing- the hot and sticky conditions here in Cenla are providing the perfect home for one of the most annoying summertime pests-- mosquitoes. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton tells us what attracts these bloodsucking bugs and what you should do to keep them away from you.

We've all attempted a relaxing summer evening outside, but it's happened to all of us--that sudden annoying biting on your arms and legs.

"You can think of these little bugs as little dirty hypodermic needles flying around after you," says Bryan Guillot of J & J Exterminating.

These miniature monsters are constantly searching for their next meal.

"You're breathing a lot. You got a lot of carbon dioxide, a lot of body heat on you. Well, that's going to attract them directly to you. You're going to be a big beaming lighthouse for them. here," adds Guillot.

The key to combating these insect armies is to keep a regular treatment plan for your home.

"I was spraying a pyrethroid around in the trees, the bushes. All the places that, especially this time of the day cause it's so hot. The mosquitoes will hide in the shade," says Tony Ocasio, a pest technician with J & J.

"That's a key area, along the eves, in the grass, in the tree limbs. Behind all these leaves could possibly be a mosquito hiding, waiting to come out, and when you go out that door to go to work they'll bite you in the morning. Or when you're coming home, trying to barbeque, something like that. They're on you," explains Guillot.

You should also keep anything away from your home that might attract them.

"Keep any kind of standing water away from your home. Tires, kid's toys...anything that can hold water. A tiny amount of water. keep it away from your home," says Guillot.

Prevention and eradication is the key to fighting the bite...which can sometimes be deadly.

"There's been a lot of West Nile Virus cases even this year in Louisiana. So it's actually very important to have your yard serviced professionally or at least try to do it yourself."

Experts say a number of other things can attract mosquitoes, like the color of your clothing and your blood type.

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