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Marksville Sonic Debit and Credit Card Glitches

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) – If you've been to the Sonic Restaurant in Marksville in the last month you may be in for a surprise transaction in your bank account.

When Sheree Myers woke up on August 1st she noticed something off about her bank account.
Anyone that has had issues with Sonic regarding their debit and credit card transactions -we now have a number for you to call.


"It was just a small amount, less than $10, well I haven't went anywhere this morning, the kids are in bed, so I checked the computer and sure enough it was for sonic and I said well, let me further investigate this and I pulled up my whole credit card and come to find out there was one from yesterday that had done went through so I called my husband and said have you gone to sonic and he said no babe, no I haven't." Said Myers.
Sheree was among dozens of Cenla residents who were faced with charges from the Sonic Restaurant in Marksville. For some these charges amounted to more than $100.
"How I found out originally was on Facebook last night, and there was two of my friends that were saying they had been charged, so I got up this morning and decided I would check, but whenever I got up and went to the sheriff's office itself there's the whole police chief of Marksville's card's been charged." Said Myers.
What Sonic representatives are calling a glitch caused all credit card transactions at the Marksville location, between the dates of July 2nd and July 28th to process incorrectly. When the issue was fixed, the transactions processed normally, surprising many who had eaten at that location.
"We're aware that credits cards used by guests since July the 2nd which were not timely processed due to an error. So since then it's been fixed and the customers are now seeing valid but delayed charges to their credit card." Said Cindy Moore, Director of Operations for Sonic.
Sonic says the glitch is fixed and offered an apology.
"It's been very confusing for the customers and we're truly sorry, we're taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future, we'll be happy to work with any customers who have any concerns with this, we'll show them their charges they'll know what date they came, but there is no break down in the system, no fraud is happening, nothing like that." Said Moore.
For people like Sheree Myers it's more than a simple inconvenience.

"I can't pay my bills right now because I had to cancel my credit cards, so that postpones late charges, and possibly getting my cell phone and Internet and everything cut off just for the late charges for only $20, you know it puts a strain on us." Said Myers.

The number is 225-620-3940.

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