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Clearing Up Spring Bayou

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) The Spring Bayou in Marksville received some much needed help today from the Louisiana Department of Wild Life and Fisheries.

More than seven hundred acres of Spring Bayou in Marksville are covered by aquatic vegetation called American lotus.

"Spring Bayou has been the life blood of Avoyelles Parish ever since its inception of Avoyelles Parish," said Benny Bordelon.

Those familiar with the area say it's a nuisance.

"We have been having a very bad problem with surface vegetation. The native Louisiana Lilly Pad. That is what has been the hindrance here in the past several years. People have made a living in the swamp here fishing, hunting an cutting cypress trees," said Benny Bordelon.

For the first time ever, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is providing an aerial herbicide application to help produce the growth of American lotus.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists say it's their job to keep the waterways of Spring Bayou clear for fisherman.

"This American Lotus has really large leaves and some thick big stalks that will wrap a propeller and will prevent you from getting to where you need to go," said Jonathan Winslow.

"The infested areas in there, access is hard so we are giving the recreational fisherman an opportunity to enter those areas. We do not want aquatics to get out of hand. We want to keep them under control  and that is our goal," said Jody David.

With aerial herbicide application set to continue for the next three years, Spring Bayou conservationists say their goal is to provide a functional bayou for future generations.

"The Spring Bayou Restoration team is committed to continue to try and improve and restore this area for our children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren to enjoy," said Benny Bordelon.

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