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Leesville Awarded $4.8 Million

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) It has been more than forty years since the city of Leesville has made any improvements to its underground water lines.

"Our water supply is not adequate, Sometimes the water does not taste as good as it should, in fact, I do not even drink the city water," said Gary Moore.

"We have not had the pipes replaced since I was a kid, and that is a long time ago," said June Coney.

And, the first phase of a 16.9 million dollar water line infrastructure project is now underway.

City leaders say it's a project that is desperately needed.

"We have water lines in this city that are iron and when you see them underground you can actually pull pieces of the pipe out and literally crush it with your hand. For every gallon of water we draw out of the aquifer, we are losing a half a gallon of water," said Mayor Robert Rose.

With the city set to fix at least ninety pipe leaks within an eighty eight mile span, it's a project that will take some time complete.

"We realize it takes time, Rome was not built in a day. It is going to get better, and better, and better, if we just be patient," said June Coney.

"It will be wonderful, it will be wonderful to be able to turn your pipes on, it will be wonderful to be able to travel without water being all over the place," said Gary Moore.

And once completed, the project is expected to bring better water quality to Leesville.

"They will have an even better water system in turns of quality and that we are not wasting our precious resource of water," said Mayor Robert Rose.

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