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Social Media and Small Businesses

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- When a local business shared a photo of one of their wedding cake creations on Facebook, it went viral. Nearly a million views later, business is booming for Piece-A-Cake Bakery in Pineville. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton takes a look at the power of social media for small businesses.

Piece-A-Cake bakery in Pineville has a website, an app, and like most small businesses these days...a Facebook page.

"They comment. They tell us how amazing the cakes look and then I want one like this. They'll tag the picture, send it to me," says owner Angie Dicus.

Recently the bakery made a wedding cake for a couple using a pattern that's been growing in popularity.

"She wanted one side of the cake to be camo and the other side of the cake to be a wedding cake, so it was half and half," adds Dicus.

They posted the picture of the cake on their Facebook page- and since it featured the camo pattern of national outdoor retailer Mossy Oak- someone shared it on Mossy Oak's Facebook page...and from there it went viral.

"Oh my word. It hit and it went nationwide," adds Dicus.

The photo has received nearly one million views. Their Facebook page- almost two thousand new likes. All in the span of only ten days.

And all the likes and shares, eventually turn into dollars and cents.

"I had a lady call me from I think it was Montana wanting me to deliver one to a hunting lodge in Illinois," says Dicus.

They're an example of what such a large platform like social media can do for businesses.

"It's an amazing tool. If we're running a special I'll get on there and share Piece-A-Cake, what she posted and all my friends are commenting like oh I'll be there in just a few seconds to get me a cupcake," says Kayla Dicus.

Even small businesses, right here in Cenla.

"Facebook right now has just opened it up for everybody. I mean we're able to- the advertisement it's good. I can't imagine without it," says the owner.

Piece-A-Cake bakery says that up until now they've only done in-state orders, but since they've been inundated with cake requests from throughout the country, they're making plans to try to fill orders from anywhere.

Piece-A-Cake: (318) 445-5133

Located at 4813 Highway 28 East in Pineville.

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