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The Psychology of Facebook

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- These days, when people need a shoulder to lean on- it's often one found in the world of virtual reality. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton takes a look at the psychology of social media.

These days, people are busy. And when they need a friend to talk to's often one found in the world of virtual reality.

"We don't have closed communal groups anymore. We've kind of gone our distant ways. We don't have that glue that holds us together anymore so Facebook sites and ways that you can be online are the ways of the future and of right now," says counselor Becky Watkins.

People head to Facebook to express their feelings, both positive and negative.

"There's a lot of people who just use it as a place to vent. I have friends that I don't see all week until I see them post about their crappy day," says Facebook user Peter Falcone.

Counselor Becky Watkins says that social media can be a good outlet for people, whether they're simply having a bad day or dealing with something more serious- like the loss of a loved one.

"They don't have to worry about if they're going to cry in front of a group of strangers. They don't have to worry about those usual things. How am I going to look? How are they going to judge me? That kind of thing," says Watkins.

And while some are expressing feelings that are temporary, others are simply being themselves.

"I think you can identify those friends. There's some who are always pretty positive and then there are those that are always putting something negative or a Debbie Downer kind of person. I think we all have those kind of people in our news feeds," says Facebook user Shelley Johnson

Social media is a safe place for people to vent or to express feelings to a long list of friends, with just the click of a button.

"There's nobody that's going to look at you. There's nobody that's going to see you because you're hidden and so you can have more confidence a lot of times online whereas in person, some body's looking at you in the eyes and they're watching you and they're reading your body language and that can be intimidating for some people," adds Watkins.

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