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Raising Awareness for Fragile X

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GEORGETOWN, La. (KALB News Channel 5) It's a pageant, but not just any pageant, this one if to raise awareness for families affected by Fragile X.

"You rarely hear the words fragile X Syndrome."  Says Tammie Anderson.

"I guess we all like to do pageants and it feels good when you are able to help people out."  Said Amber Morris.

The Fragile X syndrome awareness pageant was started by two moms whose motivation was their sons who are diagnosed with Fragile X. 

Studies show Fragile X Syndrome affects 1 in 4 thousand men and 1 in 8 thousand women. The disease causes mental disabilities, behavioral disorders and speech delays and for the disease often mistaken with autism, it is crucial to get the right diagnosis. 

"You are setting them on a path for their adult-hood to make them productive." Said Anderson.

At the pageant, it's not just about the crowns or achievements. but more about helping each other. 

For contestant Hannah Sinclair, she was more focused on her friend.

"Dalton's in my class at school, he is in my grade, and I want to help with his Fragile X." Said Sinclair.


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