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Meth In Central Louisiana

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) National statistics show more than 400,000 people used crystal meth in the United States last year.

Kyra Romero is a CenLa resident whose life has been affected by a crystal meth addiction.

"I was cooking dope with my son in the house. Not caring if the meth lab would blow up any split second. I just didn't care about our life. I didn't care about my life or his. Life was nothing," said Kyra Romero.

According to the Rapides Parish Sheriffs Office, there were more than 600 crystal meth related arrests in 2012.

Investigators tell us the production and use of crystal meth has skyrocketed.

"It is the number one leading problem in our area. It is easy to make, you can buy all the components at Walmart. We go to these residents for a possible meth lab. We find a meth lab, there is usually children. The children are usually exposed to the chemicals and nine times out of ten they test positive for the drug methamphetamine," said Lt. Stacy Bender.

"It is so easy to make, and it is so accessible and it is cheap. I think that is why they gravitate towards it now," said Candace Blood.

After spending 90 days in drug rehab, Kyra Romero says she is ready to be out on her own and live her life free of addiction.

"In the end all of this was worth it. Because now I know what I have to do as a grown young woman and as a mother to my two boys. They mean the world to me. I cant see myself putting myself through it any more or my kids.I know what my consequences are if I do go back out there. There is only one other consequence. Jails, institutions or death," said Kyra Romero.

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