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Pineville liquor law vote

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - The vote to allow alcohol sales in restaurants in the city of Pineville will be held on Saturday, October 19th. The passage of the law is intended to invite new business to the community.

"The whole idea from the onset was to give people the opportunity to make a decision for themselves, not the mayor, not the council, but let them make that decision whether or not they want to have the ability to be able to dine in here within the corporate limits of the city of Pineville," said Mayor Clarence Fields.

"A lot of people go to Alexandria to be able to eat and sit down and drink. And it will help our business because we can keep the money coming here and help," said El Parian employee, Tina Smith.

One argument for the law is that it would allow national chains that rely on liquor sales to open restaurants in the city-- which could bring more variety and new jobs.

"It could create some economic growth in our city and hopefully at the same time keep our people here. This will give a chance for new companies to come in, new restaurants, even other things that would bring the economy better for here," said Fields.

One of the most popular drinks at a Mexican restaurant is of course, the margarita.

"We have people that come in all the time wanting a margarita, but we can't serve a margarita because we don't have no alcohol," said Smith.

If the law passes, it begs the question of annexation for restaurants outside the city limits that are currently only allowed to serve beer and beverages below 6-percent alcohol content.

"If this measure does pass there are some restaurants that are probably currently on the outskirts of our corporate limits who may have the opportunity to come into our corporate limits to utilize that in serving people but you know that's totally not in our control," said Fields.

Pineville city officials say if passed-- the law will be strictly followed.

"If it so be it where it passes we will strengthen the law to an extent. There will be no package liquor sales, stores, places like that. No drive through daiquiri shops. No alcohol on the premises of parking lots and things of that nature.  Strictly restaurant only," added Fields.



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