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Fort Polk Safety

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FORT POLK, La. (KALB News Channel 5) The mass shooting that occurred at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday has forced military leaders from Fort Polk to evaluate safety measures taken at the post.

"I first heard about the incident and of course being here in the DES on Fort Polk we definitely wanted to find out what is going on as much as possible. That was my biggest concern and biggest thought right off the bat. Where are we at? Are we where we need to be and the answer that I came up with was yes. One hundred percent," said Major John Petkovich. 

Daily training exercises are used on the post to prepare soldiers and civilians for a worst case scenario.

"Everyone is vetted at our gates and then we run exercises everyday and every shift to all of our buildings on the installation in the event something like this does happen , the lowest Private on the road all the way up to the Senior Commanders we know exactly what to do and what order and whose going to do what," said Fort Polk Police Chief Bobby Lungrin.

"It probably was a regular day for everyone else. They probably were doing their normal routines and just did not know. I mean it can happen at any moment thats why we have our active shooting course," said PFC Jerimiah Johnson. 

Fort Polk security officials we spoke with say they continue to plan and evaluate their emergency response procedures on a regular basis.

"I am very confident in our response. Our soldiers and our DACPs know what to do and they know how to do their jobs very well. I have no doubt that we will respond appropriately to any given situation on the installation. Especially in an active shooter scenario," said Major John Petkovich.

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