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Common Core State Standards in Rapides Parish

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) A new state wide curriculum has brought challenges to schools in Rapides Parish.

"Well as with any new initiative you can expect that there is going to be some growing pains. And so you know that has been the case with common core and the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, there have been some growing pains," said Tony Authement.

The Common Core State Standards is a curriculum designed to ensure that students across the area can compete nationally.

Teachers and administrators we spoke with say there was a need for change.

"There is problems with every kind of curriculum but the basic idea and premise is really good. They are trying to make it consistent and challenging throughout and make it to where a student can move from high school to the next and not be totally lost. We are all setting the bar really high as far as expectations," said John Neal.

"We have to battle that problem that some parents say that this was good enough for me when I was in school in the 70's and in the 80's now you know we are changing everything. That is a fact. The world is changing. Our kids don't graduate from Pineville High School and compete with the kids that graduate from Tioga High or Peabody or ASH. Now they are graduating and competing with students from India and China," said Dr. Karl Carpenter.

Although the curriculum may present some challenges, Superintendent Tony Authement says he is optimistic about implementing the changes.

"There is a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm and we have some very strong competent people working in our district and we are simply at this point providing them with direction that they need and the professional development that they need so that we can in fact be successful," said Tony Authement. 


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