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Military and tattoos-Army contemplates new tattoo policy

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - No more visible ink. That's the new policy that the Secretary of the Army has approved for new recruits. There's a lot of history that goes with tattoos and the army. 

"You know it's always seemed to have been kind of a way of life in the military. A lot of guys in the military have always associated tattoos with their service, especially nowadays with the amount of friends being killed. It's almost kind of a way to memorialize fellow soldiers or friends," said Army veteran Andrew Vallely.

"I mean we tattoo a lot of them. A lot of them want to get memorial pieces you know for the brothers that have passed and a lot of them want the cover ups that the military is not letting them join with their existing tattoos. So we get probably about two or three week. Especially with the new guys," said Pancho of Tunnel Vision Tattoo.

New recruits will be banned from tattoos below the elbow below the knee and above the collar--- however those currently serving will likely be grandfathered in. The restrictions were eased back in 2006, however they're currently being implemented again. People we spoke with were divided on the issue.

"Personally I've always said the business starts from here down so I will not ever get anything below the elbow. Something that can't be covered up with a shirt or something visible during business or work," explained Vallely.

"It's all about military bearing--appearance. As long as the soldier, airman, marine or sailor keeps that in mind, when they walk into the tattoo parlor they shouldn't go wrong," said Gary Leleux, former President of Delta Chi Kappa at LSUA.

"I don't necessarily agree with the policy but officers and the president is appointed over me and I took an oath of allegiance to follow their orders so if this is what they want to do then I'm going to follow and support it," said Jereme Castille, President of Delta Chi Kappa at LSUA.


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