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High School Drinking

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - High School is a time for learning and growing but it can also been a time when bad habits develop.

Its homecoming week for Peabody Magnet High School in Alexandria. 

Between the football games and school events - staff is on the lookout for underage drinking. 

"They are kids that's a part of life and they're exploratory, you always want to know what you don't know, it doesn't matter what age you are, you always want to know what you don't know. Thing is you also don't know the consequences either." Said Brandy Kelley. 

That's something drug abuse resistance education officers worry is becoming a norm in schools. 

"When you go into the schools and you say, how many of you think most 18 year olds drink beer, every hand goes up, and when you say how many 8th graders are trying alcohol, every hand goes up." Said D.A.R.E. Officer Dale Anderson. 

For students like Robert Gullett, the risks outweigh peer pressure. 

"I honestly do believe it's a problem because alcohol has a lot to do with your mind and your mind set and a lot of goals you can achieve and that can stop your from achieving your goals." Said Gullett.  

When it comes to drugs Alcohol and Tobacco, the key to prevention in schools often falls on the parents.

"Parents are the base of it because I'm going to go into a school for 14 weeks, and the things I'm going to say I'm going to say once, but parents are the ones the kids are watching they're the ones the kids are learning from." Said Anderson. 

For Gullett, his inspiration came from his brother. 

"Thanks to my older brother, he actually put it towards me just brought it towards my attention that this is not for me to do, he actually had me try so nobody else could have me try so he helped me out a lot and so I know the feeling, I know it's not a good idea and I know it's not for me." Said Gullett.  

National polls indicate nearly 20-percent of high school seniors drink alcohol. 


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