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Cenla restaurant on 'Undercover Boss'

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- When Ryan's Buffet employee Whitney Durant was told she had a new employee to train, she didn't suspect a thing. But little did Whitney know, she was training someone who already knew a lot about the restaurant. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton takes a look at the filming of 'Undercover Boss' right here in Cenla.

It was just a typical day at work when Ryan's Buffet employee Whitney Durant received an odd request from her bosses.

"One of my managers had came to me and asked would there be any that I could train someone and of course I've done training before and so I agreed to it and then they told me it would be televised," says Durant.

Whitney thought that "Mike"- a supposed construction worker- was competing in a reality TV show.

"I thought he was in a race for half a million dollars to start his own business."

But Whitney had no idea that this construction worker was actually the company's CEO.

Whitney was unknowingly being filmed for an episode of CBS's 'Undercover Boss.'

"I never thought that I was on Undercover Boss. Not even a little bit. I really thought that we were training this gentlemen to kind of help him out."

And Mike's real name was Anthony Wedo, CEO of Buffet's Inc.

"I told him he was a little rough around the edges and that he needed to be more Rico suave with the customers."

Whitney says that she thinks the CEO learned a lot from his experience here in Cenla.

"Being appreciative to us workers that really are here and that really give everything we've got to continue to make this restaurant grow and become successful and just learn more about who his actual employees are."

And it has changed Whitney's life too.

"Since the recording of it makes me want to come to work even more. I enjoy it as much as I did before. It's changed my life on a personal basis more then I can even say and put in words."

You can catch the episode of Undercover Boss Friday night at 7 PM on our sister station CBS 2.

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