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A Haunting in Hessmer

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HESSMER, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - An unassuming house in Avoyelles Parish is playing host to the scary side of Halloween.

In the dark of night a solitary house on German Bayou Road is illuminated by the warm orange glow of Halloween. But this is no fairy tale. This is a haunting in Hessmer.

From the hallway of horrors to their living room of the living dead this house of horrors is the brainchild of Paula and Terri Buford. 

"Our son enjoyed it, we always had a bunch of kids, his friends at our house and there's not a lot for the kids to do out in this area so we try to make our house as fun as we can make it for everybody," said Terri. 

Many of the devilish decorations are hand made by Terri. 

"The windows with the backlighting, all this area here, the barbed wire, the fake plumbing," said Terri. 

Terri says the real evil genius is his wife. 

"My mom use to decorate for Halloween when we were kids, and we had a blast and when I had my son I started decorating and he loved it and his friends loved it and I just love putting it on and all the kids in the neighborhood love to come and see, so it's a lot of fun for us," said Paula. 

"It's not uncommon to hear a nail gun going off or she done cut down a tree and brought it into the house and nailed it into a wall," said Terri. 

The Bufords say they start working on their haunted house months ahead of time, but the real reward comes when family visits for Halloween.

"We have a lot of kids in our family and every time they come, they get so excited they want to look at everything and try everything and push all the buttons and they have a great time with it," said Paula. 

While this house of horrors may not be for the faint of heart - the Bufords say it's all in good fun.

"I enjoy Halloween, it's a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it and that's what makes me happy with it," said Paula.
The Bufords say they will attend a haunted house convention in St. Louis to start planning for next year's decorations. 


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