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Cold weather is here

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - The cold weather is here - and temperatures as low as the 20s are expected.  That means taking precautions around the house.

"One of the things we're getting calls on the most are the covering the outside pipes. You know the exposed pipes especially right there around the house, the outside faucets, any kind of exposed pipes out in the yard where you have your water faucet," said George Reech of John Ward Hardware.

The Salvation Army is also preparing for more people in need in the coming nights.

"Our preparations are that we provide cots and stuff like that upstairs extra costs when needed with blankets for people coming in any man is allowed to come in as long as he is sober and pass the breathalyzer test," said Major Ken Nelson.

The Salvation Army also needs help with donations.

"Right now we're in need of men's and women's coats and blankets because a lot of times some folks don't want to come in and stay. We try to hand out blankets on cold nights and we're just about out of blankets," said Nelson.

Don't forget to bundle up if you'll be outdoors. Frostbite and hypothermia are a possibility if you are outside for too long.

"Your core temperature begins to drop, they become confused and disoriented and they may even act drunk. frostbite generally just goes the extremities like your toes and hands generally when the temperature gets below a certain degree,  re-circulation is decreased  obviously because the skin tends to kind of contract and bring all the blood back centrally into your core," said Nurse Wade Chatelain.

Don't forget the three P's when it comes to cold weather protection - pets, pipes, and plants.

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