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The Bottle House

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (News Channel 5)- No house is alike and each family inside has a story to tell. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton is exploring the people and places that make Alexandria's Garden District unique. Today she takes a look at The Bottle House.

No one knows exactly what it is.

"I kept reading it and I said well what is a bottle house? And, I asked people who are from here and they're like I don't know what that is," says owner LaDonna Bernard.

Or, why it's here.

"My first thought was does it come with the house? What's going on with this?" says owner Damon Bernard.

But once Damon and LaDonna Bernard realized the treasure that was hidden behind this Polk Street Garden District home, they knew they wanted it.

"It's awesome. It's the reason why we bought the house," says LaDonna.

Known as the Bottle House, it's been here for a number of years and was built by a man named Drew Bridges.

"The house is constructed entirely of glass bottles. Nobody knows exactly how many, but some estimate more than three thousand."

Bridges owned a pharmacy on Bolton Avenue.

"They had obviously a lot of bottles left over and they wanted to build something and they knew it would be unique," says Damon.

And, unique it is. it's served a place to entertain...

"Oh, it's beautiful and they like the light. How the light comes through the bottles and everybody loves it."

And a place to wow neighbors throughout the years.

"People come by and they take pictures and older folk who are from Alexandria are always happy that we haven't changed it or anything."

The Bernards say that the house is a work in progress, but it's a house that continues to send a message in it's bottles.

"We try to tell them as much information as we know about how it was built and they just, it's amazing. I think everybody says oh it's amazing."

So far the Bernards have repaired the bottle house roof. They plan to spruce the place up a little more, but say they'll leave it in it's original historic condition.

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