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Supporting Brame Middle School

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - During an Open House in August lightning struck Brame Middle School and burned it's sport equipment shed to the ground. Months later the community has stepped up to help the school rebuild.

On August 13th lightning struck the equipment shed at Brame Middle School. 

"Burnt it up, one side was burnt down one side was burnt up, it was still standing, but it ruined everything, ruined the building, floor's gone, everything was gone, everything was in it," said Principal Wally Fall.  

It once held the school's baseball equipment. Now all that's left is ashes. 

"You know, $16,000 worth of damage, your whole athletic budget for a middle school isn't much bigger than that, so it does a lot of harm, to not only that sport but across the board some sacrifices that need to be made," said Kevin Malone. 

So principal Wally Fall asked for help from the community and the community responded. 

"We've had some people make some financial donations, most of those in anonymous situations. We've had generous donations of a couple of cases of baseballs, which, those things are not cheap, and it certainly helps," said Malone. 

Showing support for their school and teaching the students a lesson along the way. 

"They can see that we're all in this together, we call ourselves a family here at Brame, it's things like this that proves we are. We don't just say it, it proves we are," said Fall. 

Principal Fall says plans are in the works to start building a new equipment shed before the start of next baseball season. 



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