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Looking for Answers

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DEVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Janet Johnson has been dealing with severe pain for much of the year, but Johnson was denied both surgery and the third of three steroid shots to deal with the pain.

"I've been trying to get surgery, on my neck because I've got two spurs on a nerve," said Johnson.

What was supposed to be an alternative was also denied - several times.

"So they tried the shots and they denied that third shot, and it done no good, then they totally denied the surgery saying she had to do the shots again, on November the 12th she was supposed to have her shot all over again, they denied it," said Jimmy Johnson.  

The Johnson's are among many who go through a cheaper health plan provider for Medicare coverage, but doctors warn, it may not cover everything. 

"When it's just medicare, when it's just straight Medicare, there's really not much of an issue, it's when you begin to involve these intermediaries that are advertising about how they can provide better care, my experience is just the opposite," said Dr. Lawrence Drerup.   

Websites like www.Medicare.gov have tools that allow you to review and compare coverage options, which may help you avoid ending up with a plan that denies medical procedures or prescription drugs. 

The Johnsons have since switched plans, but say the ordeal has left them with more than just physical pain. 

"I don't know, it's just. It's bad." 

KALB reached out to the Johnson's health plan provider but our calls weren't returned. 

The deadline to change your Medicare coverage options is Saturday, December 7th. 

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