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Shopping safety

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - With a busy shopping season in full swing, thieves are on the lookout for unsuspecting shoppers.

"Always make sure that your automobile is locked. Any items that would be more tempting for a potential thief you should try and cover and not make obvious. I think that I would recommend also making sure if you can, to park your car in a very visible area," said Dr. Richard Morem.

With expensive gifts on some wish lists, your giving mood may disappear if you're the victim of a crime.

"It's certainly not in the Christmas spirit to think about but it's definitely something to be aware of; especially electronics and things. Those are hot-to-get items and I'm certain if I were the kind of person to want to be a predator and get people's new gifts, which would be really Scroogey, yeah this would be a hot spot," said Jordan Wade.

Be vigilant! Even something as simple as this post-it note on the back of your windshield may distract you long enough to become a victim.  Shoppers aren't on their own. The Alexandria Police Department is stepping up its bike patrol around Alexandria shopping areas.

"A lot of times these bikes can ride up on a suspect a lot quieter than these police cars. That helps a lot. It makes people feel a lot better that these officers are out there and they're close by and they can act on something real real quick," said Deputy Chief Cedric Green of the APD.


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