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Firearm Familiarization

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RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Firearm Familiarization is a program by the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office that's designed with firearms safety in mind.

Louisiana is know for it's strong Second Amendment values.
"We believe firearms our very important to our society," said Lt. Tommy Carnline. 
Whether it is for hunting, self defense or target shooting the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office is doing its part to put safety first.

"What we like to do is we like to make sure people know the safe way to handle a firearm," said Carnline. 

 "It teaches you how to cross your thumbs and hold the gun instead of just grabbing the gun and firing it," said Sabrina Cedars. 

The Sheriff's Office says the most dangerous gun is the one that is improperly used.
"A firearm is just like any other tool. You do not drive a car without any type of instructions, you do not use a saw without any type of instructions, same way," said Carnline. 
Target shooting training includes lessons on how to properly handle firearms, the use of earplugs and a reminder to make sure the magazine is unloaded when you're done.
Cedars brought her daughter so that she will be properly prepared when it comes to handling firearms.
"When she sees one laying around if she happens to pick it up or if someone else picks it up she will know what to do," said Cedars. 
The program also gives the public a place for target practice.

"I can actually come out here and not have to worry about being around anybody. I can just shoot," said Cedars.
Perhaps most importantly the program provides valuable lessons to help prevent accidents.
"But handling them safely is very important. It is the most important thing," said Carnline. 

This is the fourth year the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office has hosted the event. 


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