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Proclaim "I'm a Cajun" on your driver's license

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AVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - The new year brings new laws in the state, but here's one you might enjoy following.

Meet three generations of Cajuns: Melissa, Elizabeth and Kylie. 


I'm proud of where I'm from," said Elizabeth Bennett, an Avoyelles Parish resident. "Louisiana. I wouldn't leave it for nothing."

And beginning later this month, the Bennett family can claim that heritage right on their Louisiana driver's licenses with the stamp "I'm a Cajun" underneath the I.D. photo.

"I love it," said Melissa Bennett, Elizabeth's mother. "That's what we are, that's where we're from, born and raised."

It only costs $5 extra a year, and that money will help fund scholarships distributed by the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana. Avoyelles Parish residents say, they can't wait to give their support.

"It's pretty cool because we're from down south," said Brandon Brown. "And that's what they know us for, being Cajun." 

"Would I do it? I don't see why not," said Connie Scroggs. "I have on there that I'm a donor so why not put I'm a Cajun?"

"I'll pay $10, just to do it," Elizabeth Bennett said.  

Because it's about celebrating the culture...

"Very proud," said Melissa Bennett. "We stand out on our own. That's all I can say."

...And preserving the pride for future generations.

"Rock on," said Elizabeth. "I'd much rather put Cajun on my license. I'm proud of it. I wouldn't put anything else."

The new license design with the "I'm a Cajun" notation option is expected to begin rolling out January 17. 

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