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Eye strain and digital devices

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- A new study indicates that nearly 70% of Americans suffer from digital eye strain.

"Eye strain is a very common complaint that we see in private practice every single day. You know the patients are using computers they're using tablets using cell phone these become a bigger portion of their job every single day and as a result of this, for hours at a time, increases their fatigue level," said Dr. Richard Walters.

The study states that Americans spend on average 6-9 hours a day in front of digital devices - whether it's in front of a computer, phone, or tablet.

"It's almost like a necessary evil. You kind of rely on the phone and computers so much that you almost don't even really realize that you're looking so much at your phones and trying to read the screens and everything like that," said Peter Tempestilli.

While your eyes concentrate on digital screens, their focusing ability becomes fatigued, but some simple tips can reduce the strain

"So the thing we can recommend most often for patients is to make sure they have their best correction in place. Make sure they have their best visual correction whether that includes just simply a distance correction that gives them the proper focus or whether that includes a bifocal prescription that helps them to focus up close at the proper distance," said Dr. Walters.

You can also adjust the computer monitor to eye-level and arms length, as well as well as holding handheld devices below eye level to eliminate glare.

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