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Snow day in Alexandria

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Photo Credit: Melinda Poole Photo Credit: Melinda Poole

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - It was definitely cold enough for an extra blanket, but the Brinkmans didn't realize that extra blanket would be a blanket of snow.

We're enjoying it out here with all of the kids, sliding down the hill, once in a lifetime opportunity, kids are having a blast," said one of the Brinkmans.

Many Alexandria residents gathered at Compton Park and took advantage of the hill to go sledding.

"We're just sledding down the hills because it's fun and we had to borrow a sleigh from somebody." 

There was a lot of sharing going on, as well as improvisation, because, how many people in Cenla actually have sleds?

"You take an old political sign, you put four kids on it, time of their life."

"Yeah, then you crash it into a laundry basket."

"It's really fun when you get to sled down because you go super fast."

But not everyone could join in on the festivities, although that didn't stop them from at least enjoying the weather.

"We're here at Mac's Supermarket to get ingredients for gumbo which we will have today so that's appropriate for this cold weather and it's not too inconvenient. We are safe you know, we look into being safe and not being on the highway when we're not supposed to be," said Yvonne Bergeron.

But for most kids, all that matters is one thing. When asked if they were glad that they weren't in school today, the single reply was, "Uh huh!"

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