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Zombie Bees Are Real!

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It doesn't sound real.  One could even argue it sounds like the plot of a pretty awful horror movie. But it's isn't.  

"Zombie bees" are a concern across the country. A Vermont beekeeper, Anthony Cantrell, says he noticed about 30 of his bees acting strangely last fall. He sent them away for testing and  the results were positive.  They were the first batch of zombie bees discovered in New England!

Zombie bees are created by a parasitic fly that lays eggs in the honeybee's stomach.  The eggs would hatch and the parasites would grow in the abdomen and it triggers a behavior in the honeybee which is very unusual -- that makes the honeybee decide that it wants to fly at night. The infected bees also move erratically.  

The parasite is a threat to honey bees in many parts of the United States. You can find out more at zom-bee watch dot org.


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