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Meet the candidates: Colfax mayoral race

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COLFAX, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Gerald Hamilton is the sitting mayor of Colfax. This April, he's being challenged by Ossie Clark, a minister and Colfax native. 

We asked both candidates a few questions about their plans if elected. 


Q: What would be your number one priority in the next four years? 

Gerald Hamilton, incumbent: "We have applied for a capital outlay grant to redo a majority of our streets right now. Our streets are kind of getting in a bad situation, so we are working on that to get our street back up to par."

Ossie Clark, candidate: "To restore the pride of this town. That's one of the areas that I think really needs an upliftment. Colfax has always been a proud people, and so restoring that pride is what we're going to try to do because this is the parish seat."

Q: What's the biggest problem in Colfax right now, and how would you address it?

Mayor Hamilton: "Our biggest issue really is our gas situation. When I was elected in 2006, we faced a heavy gas lossage. So we have been working to improve our gas problems in town, and that really is one of our main priorities."

Clark: "Economic development is one of the areas that's really a problem in the town of Colfax right now. How do we bring in major jobs, major businesses into this town that would actually help to impact economy all the way around? So I think that's going to be our biggest problem in the upcoming year."

Q: What is the quality you have that makes you the best candidate for mayor?

Mayor Hamilton: "I think I bring the quality of experience. I was elected in 2006 as a city councilman. So that experience actually prepared me for the experience of being mayor."

Clark: "I think the greatest quality that I possess is being young, and having the opportunity to work for the town of Colfax over the last year and a half. And I think by being young we can bring some 21st century technology and thoughts into the town."

There is a third candidate in the Colfax mayoral race, Chad Petersen. Petersen could not be reached by time of air for comment on his candidacy.  

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