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Election 2014: A Look at Marksville's Mayoral Candidates

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Marksville voters will choose a mayor on April 5. Here's a look at the candidates. 

John Lemoine is the sitting mayor of Marksville. He's being challenged by Minnie Lafargue, a long-time music teacher in Avoyelles Parish.  

We asked both candidates a few questions about their plans if elected. 

Q: What would be your number one priority in the next four years? 

Mayor John Lemoine: "Economic development. Jobs. To create jobs in Marksville. We have too many people walking around looking for jobs, and there are no places to work. And we need to definitely try to get that done. Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, I think we can go ahead and get that done."

Minnie Lafargue: "I want to be a full-time mayor. I want to be the type of mayor, where if you have a problem, you can come in and sit with me, and I will talk to you. We will talk about your issues. I'll try to help you. I'm the type of person, where if you need help tomorrow, I get it done today."

Q: What's the biggest problem in Marksville right now, and how would you address it?

Mayor Lemoine: "We really don't have a lot of problems in Marksville. The main problem that we do have, is with the main highway construction, there's just so much congestion going on, and Marksville is the hub. And there's just so many people coming through Marksville, it's just really hard through all the traffic, and everybody gets frustrated."

Lafargue: "The town council and the mayor don't work well together. I would work well with my town council. I will work as a team player. I will call them, and I'll say, what's your views on this issue? Before we go to a meeting, so that when we go to a meeting, there's peace and there's tranquility."

Q: What is the quality you have that makes you the best candidate for mayor?

Mayor Lemoine: "I would say leadership. I've been on the school board 27 years, and then three years as mayor. I've experienced a lot, and I think I have the qualities to get us through tough times."

Lafargue: "I am a peacemaker. I get along with people, and I respect people. In the classroom, I teach respect. And when you teach respect, you get respect right back. I will always listen, but I will always lead."

Marksville voters will cast their ballots April 5. 
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