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Spring season brings allergies

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- A new season is upon here in Cenla. Spring officially begins today. While the season means the beginning of warmer weather it also means the beginning of something else- something a little more unpleasant. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton has your spring allergy forecast.

Thursday brings the start of Spring in Cenla, and that means it's also the start of allergy season.

"It usually starts the last week or so of February and then kind of progresses all the way through early summer," says Dr. Benjamin Close of Louisiana Allergy & Asthma Specialists.

For allergy sufferers like Jennifer Prevot it can be the most uncomfortable time of the year.

"Allergy season gives me headaches. Like, terrible headaches and I already have migraines so it makes them worse. I have runny noses and I sneeze a lot and cough a lot and have sore throats," says Prevot.

For allergy specialists like Dr. Benjamin Close- it's the busiest.

"Dr. Close says that during spring allergy season here in Cenla he sees 20 to 30 percent more patients."

You can't completely avoid the pollen.

"Try to look at the weather beforehand and things like that and try to avoid going outside if it's going to be terrible," says Prevot.

But you can do a couple of things to help minimize your exposure.

"Wash their hair before they go to bed so they don't inhale things off of their body. Don't air out your home. It's real tempting to open the windows during this time if you're allergic or really anyone but we suggest people use their air conditioners as filters for the pollen," adds Dr. Close.

Spring in Cenla has sprung, so it's time to watch out for that annoying yellow dust.

"Oh noooo. Oh nooo. Just oh no," adds Prevot.

Because the pollen is here and it's here to stay- at least for awhile.

"We anticipate the peak being in about a week or two but it'll persist for several weeks and months and we'll have some sort of pollen in the air until the first frost," says Dr. Close.

If you experience severe allergy symptoms for more than a few days you should make an appointment with your nearest allergy specialist.

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