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Cleco offers safety tips for springtime

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel) Temperatures are warming up, and people are beginning their spring cleaning. For many, this means raking lawns, flying kites and having picnics. Cleco's risk manager Mike Joseph said Cleco wants reminds everyone to be safe this spring whether you are working or playing outdoors.

"After this year's long, cold winter, it is likely lawns need sprucing up and children are ready to play outside," Joseph said. "If your task requires digging, such as planting a tree or building a fence, be aware of underground power lines, and call Louisiana One Call at 811 at least 48 hours before you begin the work. If you are flying a kite, make sure to stay in an open area away from power lines. Also, remind children never to climb trees or a pole to remove a kite tangled in a power line."

Cleco offered the following tips as a spring safety reminder:

Electrically powered lawn mowers or weed eaters should never be used on wet grass. Only use an extension cord rated for outdoor use, and also check power and extension cords for damage.

Keep plant vegetation and permanent structures away from an underground's electric system that is housed above ground. They are generally big, green boxes and store components for the underground system. Cleco may need to access these boxes during unplanned outages or for maintenance.

Be careful of power lines that may be hidden in trees or bushes. Contact Cleco if you have tree limbs on your property that are growing into or around power lines.

Never enter an electrical substation. If you lose a personal belonging in a substation leave it there, and contact Cleco. Substations contain high voltage equipment and are very dangerous.

"Working outside this time of year can be very satisfying," Joesph said. "Taking a few extra seconds to evaluate your surroundings could be lifesaving."

Call 911 or contact Cleco at 1-800-622-6537 to report a dangerous situation with electricity.

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