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Louisiana College students, alumni protest

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALBNews Channel 5) – Several Louisiana College alumni are speaking out for theschool they once knew and loved.

"I've been hearingabout the struggles that LC has been going through for a long time," said KateMurphy, class of 2001. "And the fact that anybody was willing to do something,and in this case, students that had the most to lose, I kind of thought okay,if they can stand up and pray I can."

That's why severalgraduates of Louisiana College were out Monday to show their support to thestudents' prayer, including trustee Lonnie Scarborough, who stresses he spoketo us as an individual and not as a representative of the Board of Trustees.  

"The Bible clearlysays, I've not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of asound mind," said Scarborough. "If it weren't for students, we wouldn't have aschool, so they should have the freedom to express their views and opinionswithout fear."

Alumni standing handin hand with students: they say, even turning down an administrator's offer togather separately in the alumni center.

"To show these kids—whoare very brave and very bold to have a voice—but to show them that we're hereto support them," said Amy Thomas, LC class of 1992. "And that they're notalone."

Some say they standfor those who felt they couldn't.

"The currentadministration has the staff and faculty scared to death to even come out oftheir offices," said Kimberly Wilson.

Some stand simply forawareness, while others stand for a specific change.

"Either the dismissalof the current power or a change of heart," Kate Murphy said. "A change of thecorrupt track that it's been on. Fundamentalism may happen, but the corruptionis inexcusable."

"I just feel that atthis point, for the good of LC, we need a fresh leader and a new direction," saidHeather Wise Matlock, LC class of 2002.   

"Whether it be rightor wrong, LC will not be same until he's gone," said Kimberly Wilson.  

And some stand inwait to see how it will affect things like enrollment and the future of thecollege.

"So I'm anxious atour next board meeting to see how things look, how we go about repairing thedamage that's taken place," said trustee Lonnie Scarborough. "And how we canrestore confidence in the parents who ultimately will decide if their childrenattend here."

"I just want peopleto know that Louisiana was an awesome college, and it can be an awesome collegeagain," said Wilson. "If they put Christ first."

There have been posts on socialmedia about a rally tomorrow in support of college president Joe Aguillard. However,school officials we spoke with say they have no knowledge of such an event.

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