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Mayoral race in Leesville

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALBNews Channel 5) – Leesville voters will have the chance to elect a mayor April5.

Current mayor RobertRose is coming to the end of his first term in office, but he's hoping foranother. He's being challenged by Rick Allen.  

Allen turned down ourrequest for an interview, but Mayor Rose answered a few questions.  

Q: What would be your priority in the next four years?

Mayor Robert Rose: "Mypriority is to continue the work and the efforts that we've already begun:infrastructure, transparency in government, and diversifying our economy. We'veattacked, or we've dealt with all three. We have major infrastructure projectsstarted. I'd like to finish them, and continue them. And essentially just keepthe work going."

Q: What is the biggest problem in Leesville right now,and how would you address it?

Mayor Rose: "I thinkour biggest problem facing our community is the diversification of our economy.Fort Polk is an outstanding neighbor. We have a better relationship than we'veever had with Fort Polk. But we are a one horse town, if you will. Our economyis reliant solely on Fort Polk. So, diversifying our economy, expanding thebusinesses that are already in our city, and locating and actively recruitingnew businesses to come into our community is a huge priority."

Q: What is the quality you have that makes you the bestcandidate for mayor?

Mayor Rose: "Mytenacity. I do not give up on projects that I tackle. I'm bullish on our city.I think the future for Leesville is incredibly bright. And I won't give up."

Leesville voters willmake a decision on April 5. 

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