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Prayer for Louisiana College Board of Trustees

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - This morning, KALB received this email from Friends of the College: 

"We, the undersigned Louisiana College alumni and friends, are writing to let you know that we are praying for you.  Much has been written and said recently about Louisiana College and the issues surrounding her.  Many of us, along with others, have made our hopes and desires known to you in a variety of ways.  There is no need to address those issues again here.  

As trustees, you hold the future of Louisiana College in your hands.  You are both responsible and liable for the financial and other consequences of the college.  That is a holy obligation that cannot be taken lightly. 

We are committing ourselves to pray daily for you.  We pray that you will put aside personal preferences and partisan politics and will focus on what is best for Louisiana College, her history, and her legacy.

We know that the Trustees are scheduled to join in prayer around the fountain at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 14.  We commit ourselves to joining you in that time of prayer for Louisiana College and her future from wherever we are.

A paraphrase of the closing words of President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address seems appropriate in closing.

"With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the [college's] wounds, do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all [others]."

With prayerful concern for Louisiana College,

Abigail Vicelli Falcone, 1999-2001

Ada Pedneau, 1980

Adele Fischer Miller, Class of 1970

Adrianne Pedneau, class of 1996

Alan Dickerson, Class of 1980

Alan Manis, 1978-1980

Alexia Austin Donaldson, Class of 1983

Alice E. Lind, Class of 2011

Alicia Fergerson, Class of 1998

Alison Mathews Russell, Class of 1995, Nursing

Allison Reynolds, 2000-2002

Allison Sims, Class of 1986

Amanda Bailey Gress, student in Theatre from 1993-1994, returned in 1995-1997

Amanda Roberts Gilmore, Class of 1984

Amber Lawson Small, 2000-2001

Amy Aultman, Class of 2006

Amy C. Riche, Class of 2008

Amy Guidry Drymon, Class of 2002, BA Psychology

Amy Howard Nasser, Class of 2007

Amy Morrow Chandler, Class of 2006

Amy Sibley Dufrene (as Amy Sibley), BA Music, Class of 1997; MS, Counseling, 2002, UL-Lafayette

Amy Stewart Thomas, 1992

Amy Young Whatley, Music Ed, 1978-81

Andrew Albrecht, 1998-2000

Andrew LeBlanc, Class of 1981

Angelique Brannon-Goedeke, Class of 2001

Angie Nida Marable, Class of 1993, BA English

Ann Elizabeth Cockerham, Class of 1989, Member of Barron and Stagg families with numerous members graduating and contributing to LC back to Mt Lebanon and Keatchie Colleges

Anna Kathryn Cox Vaughn, Class of 1989

Annelle Tanner, supporter & friend of LC Dept of Nursing; sister of Willis Brown, class of 1965; sister-in-law of Jerry Lynn Tanner Brown, class of 1964; niece of the late Nell Taylor, LC Dean of Women during tenure of Dr. G. Earl Guinn; and the late Dr. James C. Taylor, LC Professor of Religion in the late 1940's & early 1950's

Annie Martin Stogner, 1997-2002

Anthony Long, 1980-1983

Ashley Cooley Mulkey, Class of 2000

Ashley White Albrecht, 1998-1999

Ashlie Gonzales, 1996-1999

Barbara DeBate Duck

Bart Marable, Class of 1993

Bebe Austin MacDonald, Class of 1988

Becky Dufour, Class of 1976.

Becky Jameson, 1998-2002

Beth Heard Frith

Beth Moore, Class of 2002

Bettie Caskey Funderburk, Class of 1968

Betty Rockett Mercer, Class of 1947. B.A. Education.

Betty S. Compton, niece of LC Visionaire, J.L. Polson

Bill Holifield, Class of 1983, Senior Pastor Colyell Baptist Church, Livingston, LA

Billy Higgs, Class of 1984

Bob Carroll LC Volunteer Bus Driver for Athletic Dept. and Sociology Dept. 13 years. Nephew of Olive Roberts, former LC Library Director. Nephew of J.D. Carroll, LC Alum.

Bob Gilkeson, 1980-1985

Bob May, Class of 1980

Bonnie Brunson, Class of 1980, B.A.Education, also attended 1973-74

Brandee Nelson Class of 98

Brandon Wilson, Class of 1999

"Brenda ""Bea"" Tubre, Class 1980"

Brenda Atterbery Pettus, Class of 1976

Brenda Perry Mills, friend of LC with family roots back to the building of LC in 1906.

Brian Flint Martin, Class of 1997, President, SGA - 1995-96

Brian Sutton, Class of 2000

Brittani Neely Durand, Class of 2004

Brooks T Harris Brooks Harris, community advocate, my father, Cliff Harris graduate, Uncle, James Gordon Harris, Jr., aunts Josephine Harris and Margret Diggs, graduates.

Butch Morrison, Class of 1976

Byron Beaubouef, Class of 1977

C. Allen Collier, Class of 1950

C. Joseph Beck, Class of 1984

Cameron Hudson, Class of 1958

Cameron Keith Hudson, Class of 1979

Carey Prosperie, Class of 1988

Carla Ramey Morgan, Class of 2009

Carlton Dunn, 1994-1996

Carol Matson Bass, Class of 1983

Carol Mayfield Red, Class of 1974

Carolyn Duck Richardson

Carolyn Robison 

Cass Mabou, Class of 2007, Nursing

Cassidy Crawford Hancock 

Catherine Moncada, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jason Hiles, Caskey School of Divinity, May 2012 - January 2014. Mother of Lucas G. Moncada III, class of 2011 (also former student of Caskey), Devin T. Moncada, class of 2012 (also former student of Caskey), and Derek A. Moncada, graduating May 2014 and future mother-in-law to Evan A. Adams, graduating May 2014.

Cathy Spurlock, Class of 1976

Charles Brister, Jr., Class of 1996-97, Director of Tudor Hall 1996 & 1997

Charles Neal, attended 1988 - 1992. Bachelor of Science in 1992 with two concentrations: Accounting and Management Information Systems. LC employee 1991 - 2007: IT Operations Manager 1991 - 1996, Director of IT 1996 - 2007.

Charlie Jones, Class of 1983 Religious Education & Music

Charlotte Suddith Hudson, Class of 1987

Chasity Boudreaux, 1998-2001

Cheryl Prier Schaum, Class of 1981

Cheryl Wood Arnold, Class of '84

Chris McDaniel, attended from 1973 off and on until I received my BA in 1982.

Cindy Williams Maxwell, 1979-1981

Claire Thames Dus Sault, Class of 1979

Clarence Owen Brown, Class of 1961

Claude Parent Claude Parent 1966

Clay Alexander

Clay Alexander Ward

Cole Franklin, Class of 1992. Associate Professor of Communication Arts 2001-2006.

Colleen Texada, community friend of LC

Corey Small, 2000-2001

Cory Lee Chandler, Class of 2011

Cory Pepiton, Class of 1997

Craig Beeman, Class of 1993

Cynthia Burns LaFitte, graduate, Class 1980

Cynthia Griffin, Class of 1980, BSN, 1994

Daniel Falcone, attended 1999-2001

Daniel Hassion, concerned friend of LC

Danielle Marcotte, Class of 1999

Daniuel Falcone, 1999-2001

Darrell Ingram, Class of 1998, Spouse of a current LC employee

David Baldwin

David Bass, Class of 1983

David C. McGraw, attended LC 1959 and long-time LC fan and supporter

David Cavanaugh, honored to be chosen as Distinguished Alums

David K. Mercer. 1972-1976. B.A. Sociology. Former BoT member (Dr. Robert Lynn- President).

David N Perrin- Class of 1983

David Pulling, Class of 1974; Staff 1974-81

David Rains, Class of 1967

David Red

Debbie Jenkins

Debbie Kees McKay

Debbie Merlan, Class of 1978

Debbie Platt Harris, Class of 1981

Debbie Traylor Batson, Class of 1977

Deborah Bennett Audiffred, Class of 1977.

Deborah Pitman Flanagan, Class of 1978

Deloy Chapman, Class of 1984

Dennis Hackler, Class of 1978

Don Sprowl, Professor of Physics and Earth Science 1992-2006, Associate Dean, Interim VPAA.

Donna Burnley Cavanaugh, honored to be chosen as Distinguished Alums

Donna Nolan, attended late 70's and early 80's

Donna Richmond, Class of 1975, Manager of LC print shop 1975

Donna Waldrip Prosperie, Class of 1990

Dorman Clayton, Class of 1962

Dottie Hayes, LC graduate and missionary to Vietnam, 1959-1975

Dr. Gerald Richardson

Dub Carter, Class of 1994

Duke Allgood, Class of 76

Dustin Dodge, Class of 2010

Edith Herring

Elaina Wilson Ayres, Class of 1991

Elizabeth Battalora, former Department Chair, Nursing

Elizabeth Clark, Class of 1980- taught school 33 years- retired

Ellen Carroll Hoggatt (graduated as Ellen Tutt), Class of 1998.

Ellen Lee Dunlap, Class of 1981

Emily Red Swenson, Class of 2004

Erin Fournet Woodruff, Class of 2006

Erin M. Blodgett, Parents graduated from LC

Flora Caskey Cason, attended 1973, former donor

Frances (Johnson) Spencer, Class of 1988

Fred E. DeRamus, Class of 2008

Fritha Skinner Dinwiddie, Class of 1978

Gary Dufour, Class of 1976

Gary K. Mayfield, Class of 1973, faculty 2002-2005

Gene Cloud Eugene Cloud, 1983

Ginger Watson Cespiva, Class of 1971

Glenda Sue Perkins, Class of 1969

Glenn A. Turlich, Jr., Class of 1995

Gloria Rains, Class of 1968

Gloria S. Mayfield, Class of 1973

Greg Carroll Gregory Carroll, class of 1992

Harvey W. Cook, Alumni, Class of 1985

Heather Sibley Poe, Class of 2008

Heather Wise Matlock, Class of 2002

Helen W. Moore, Class of 1949

Hellon Harris Kelley

Hilda Coleman Lott, 1969-1972

Hope Hayes Hudson, former student, daughter of Herman and Dottie Hayes, missionaries to Vietnam, 1959-1975

Idalia (Dolly) Carroll, Class of 1980. LC Staff 19 years.

Ivy Kinchen, 1985

J. Stephen Phelps, Class of 1975.

Jacob Upshaw, Class of 2006

James Arnold, student of Dr. Charles Quarles, Dr. Jason Hiles, Dr. Scott Culpepper, and Dr. Ryan Lister. Four Years.

James Garner, Class of 1979

Jan C. Burr, attended 1973-74, Secretary, Division of Visual Arts, 1986-2005.

Jan Lee Waites, worked there from 1984-1986.

Janette Maxwell Cline, Longtime fan of LC

Janice Lee Waites , Class of 1971

Jason Gray, Class of 2000

Jay Hellums, Class of 1991

Jean Beasley Baldwin

"Jean Holliday, Daughter of Zack ""Doc"" Holliday Tudor Hall Dorm Director from 1971 - 1980 and Nelda ""Mom"" Holliday - Tudor Hall Dorm Director from 1980 - 1982"

Jeff Craddock, Class of 1975

Jennifer Bailey, Class of 1998

Jennifer Haley-Faucon, 1984 Smith Scholar, Class of 1988, BS Public Administration

Jennifer McKee Young, Class of 1998

Jennifer Olexy Billings, Class of 1990

Jennifer Permenter Walsworth, 1992

Jeremy DePrato, Class of 2001

Jeri Rodgers Beachy, Class of 1978

Jessica Kreider Etheridge, 1994-1998

Jessice Mercer Zerr, Class of 1999

Jillian Jarrell Malcomb, Class of 2006

Jo Batson, Class of 1980

Jodi Martin, Class of 2011 

Joe Jordan, fall 92 to fall 93, spring 95 to spring 98. Tech theater/ religion

Joe Perry, Class of 1971

Joel R Willson, Class of 1982

John Bertrand, Class of 1984

John H. Robert, Friend of the College/Community

John McBride, Class of 1990

John Neal, Class of 1994

John Parker, Class of 1999, Head Softball Coach Fall 1999-Spring 2001, Sports Information Director 2001-2003

Jøhn Primeaux, Class of 1991

John W McClaran, Class of 2002

Jon Lord, Class of 1978

Jonathan David Hunter, Class of 1995

Joni Bolton Wells, Class of 1985

Jordan Bryce attended summers of 1999 and 2000

Joseph Learned Odenwald, B.A., 2005, M.S., ABD

Josh Freeman, Class of 2001

Joshua Goodnight, 2000

Joy Hilbun Mohr, Class of 1981.

Joy Hornsby Lopez, Class of 1973, B.S. Elementary Education

Joy Leach Janies Class of 1954

Joycalyn Ann Beard Skinner, Class of 1955

Julie Bolton Ticheli, Class of 1989

June Tracy Hudgens --- 1968-1972 BA in Secondary Education and Library Science --- (adjunct in English and Education Department 1984-1990)

Justin Lee Baines, 1997-1999 and 2001

Kandace Carter, Class of 1993

Kandee Kelley Flint, Class of 1984

Karen Breaux Stinnett, Class of 1998 (employed in the Financial Aid Office from 2000-2005)

Karen Hodges Sasser, Class of 1978, Sociology

Karen Hudson Lively, Class of 1981

Kari Fitzmorris Brisolara, Class of 1997

Karla Kirby, Class of 2004

Kate Murphy, Class of 2001

Kathy Hegwood Overturf, Class of 1980, Admissions Office 1980-1985

Katie Moore, Class of 2001

Katy Elder, Class of 2011

Kay George Austin, Class of 1983

Keith Cox Keith Cox, parent of current student

Keith Kline, Class of 1970

Keith Lowry, Class of 1982

Ken Brister, Class of 1978

Kennith A. Gordon, Class of 2012 B.A. Christian Education (one of the last two for this degree)

Kent Robbins, Class of 1980

Kevin Jones, concerned community member

Kevin M. Maillet, Class of 1991. B.A. Degree in Psychology

Kevin R. Fields, 1980-1982

Kevin Wimmert, concerned community member

Kim Hutto Holley, Class of 1996, Bachelor of Social Work

Kim Rundell Adcox, Class of 1981

Kimberly Kelli Lovett, Class of 1997

Kimberly R. Wilson, Class of 1980, SGB, BSU, choral

Kortni Wennihan, Class of 2010

Kristetta Gray Miller, Class of 1994

Kristi Letlow Stake, Class of 1999

Kristina Dixon, Class of 1998

Kristy Pitt Bunch, 1994-1999

Kyle McNamara, 1997-1999

Kylie McCullough Shaw, Class of 2001

Lainie Collins Cline, Class of '84

Lana Neely-Rodgers, LC Bookstore Assistant 2000-2006. B. A. Elem. Ed.,Class of 2006.

Larry Fields , Class of '65

Larry J. Burgess, Class of 1977

Laura Byrd Cain

Laura Lynne Distefano, Class of 1980

"Laura Tapley Jones, BSN, 2002, daughter of Mary Tapley, 1973 graduate, former adjunct instructor of social work, former president of Faculty Women's Club; daughter of retired professor, Dr. Philip Tapley who taught at LC for nearly 40 years; sister of Mary-Margaret ""Mimi"" Tapley Baysden, BSN, class of 2001, granddaughter of the late Rev. Ellis Stringer, 1936 graduate."

Lauren Gauthier Bristow, Class of 1995.

Lauren Hill Watson, L.C. student from 2005 - 2007

Laurie Davison Barnes, 1978-1982, Piano/Church Music. Common Good for 2 years. Caudell Cup winner freshman year. Accompanied L. C. singers and L.C. chorale, plus many voice majors and minors. Degree from elsewhere. Education received at L.C.

Leah Jones Williams, Class of 1991

Leah Warden Gorum, Class of 1981; Secretary Nursing Department 1983-1984

Lee Ann Ratcliff,Class of 1981

Lee Beeman Class of 1991

Lee Cooke, Class of 1981

Lee Janies, Class of 1954

Lee Morrow, Class of 2004

Leigh Fulco Prewitt, Class of 1995, Music Education

Leland Palmer, Class of 1983

Leslie Williams, Class of 1993, BA Journalism

"Linda ""Missy"" Duncan, B.M.A. in Vocal Music, Class of 1979"

Linda Blevins Perry, Class of 1972

Linda Crum Mason, Classof 1984

Linda Dorman Hutson, BA Media Communications, Class of 1993. Director of College Communications at LC (1999-2006)

Linda Schlosser Strickland, Class of 1978.

Linda Smith Finimore,  Class of 1981, BA in English/Speech Education

Linda Sontag Powell, Class of 1971

Lisa Christy Elliott, Class of 1983

Lisa Downing-Cecil, Class of 1989

Lisa Steele Lord, Class of 1979

Lisa Tarpley Dearmon Price, 1980-1984

Liz Williamson McNamara, 1970-1972

Lori Istre Key, Class of 1989.

Lori Miles, Class of 2002

Lori Thames, Vlass of 1985. Worked at LC 1985-2006 (athletics and student development)

Lorris G. Cockerham, Class of 1957 (B.A. Biology & Chemistry), Ph.D., Lt. Col. USAF, Ret. 1989 LC Distinguished Alumnus.

Loryn Frey, Edith Kirkpatrick Professor of Music, former Divisional Chair, sole collector, author, typist of all original initial paperwork (about 1500 pages)for new NASM accreditation, employed 1975, retired Dec 2013.

Lottie Holemon Franklin, Class of 1991

Lyndon Marcotte, Class of 1999

"Lynn ""Rowzee"" Rosas, Class of 2004"

Mandy Goodnight, 2000

Maret Bailey Hunsaker , Class of 1996

Margaret Hickman McGraw, Class of 1961

"Marilyn Perry Ramsey Fain, Class of 1965; 6 yr. trustee late 80s-early 90s; LC ties - includng Central La. (Pineville) ""strong supporter"" family members - dating back to 1906 & the physical building of our college; active member of Brookwood Baptist Church, Shreveport."

Mark Barnett, Class of 1994, B.A. English

Mark Carroll, Class of '84 and pastor of South Walker Baptist Church

Mark D. Ayres

Mark Fenn, Class of 1986

Mark L. Richardson, 1977-1979

Martha Goss Scanlan

Marti Andries, Class of 2004

Mary Dossey Arnold, Class of 2007

Mary Johnston Poe, Class of 1966, B.A.Psychology

Mary M. DeVille, Ph.D., Concerned Colleague

Mary Mobley , Class of 1979

Mary Stagg Gadberry, BA Elementary Education, Class of 1964

"Mary Tapley, Class of 1973, former adjunct instructor of social work, former president of Faculty Women's Club; wife of retired professor, Dr. Philip Tapley; mother of two LC graduates, Mary-Margaret ""Mimi"" Tapley Baysden, BSN and Laura Tapley Jones, BSN; daughter of the late Rev. Ellis Stringer, 1936 graduate"

Mary Vallee Crane, Class of 1994

Mary Vance Eagles, Class of 1977

Matthew Stinnett, Class of 2005

Megan Dubois Ready, Class of 2006

Megan Mnayers Guidty, Class of 2002

Melanie Perry, Class of 2001

Melinda Haynes Hawkins, Class of 1982

Melissa Roper, current student

Melva Terrell Villard, B.S 1979; B.M. 1984

Michael Churchman, Class of 1994

Michael Cockerham, Class of 1984, and member of the Stagg family that is part of LC history back to Mt Lebanon and Keatchie Colleges

Michael Emmette Distefano, Class of 1980.

Michael Sterne, Class of 1993 and LC Chorale accompanist for 16 years

Michael Wethey, Class of 1979, B.A.

Michelle Palmer, B.A. History, Class of 2007

Mike Haley, Class of 1980

Mike Johnston, Class of 1987

Miriam Jordan Brown, Class of 1961

Mitzi Bertrand, 1986-1989

Monica Beal Hendrixson, Class of 1997, Common Good 2 years. Choral 2 years. 1st Runner Up Ms. LC 1996, Vice President P.E. Majors and Minors. 2012 B.S. Nursing, Vice President Student Nurses Association, Student Liaison to Nursing Faculty

Monica Beaubouef Sterne ('94, '01, & '06) and Michael Sterne ('93 and LC Chorale accompanist for 16 years)

Moshe Alkalay

"Nancy ""Suzy"" (Hanson) Smith, Elementary Education, Class of 2007"

Nancy Barton Ward, attended from 1992-96

Nancy Hearn Kelley, Class of 1955

Natalie French, current student

Nathan Martin, 1983-1984, father of two current students

Nita Starr, Class of 1982

Noelle Gunter, Class of 2012

Oscar A. Medina, BA,1984; BS, 1985

Pam Bennett, Class of 1981, Biology

Pam Lofton Means, Class of 1982

Pam Pearce Haney, Class of 1981

"Pat Stagg Cockerham Class of 1957.  Grandfather attended Keatchie and pastored LBC churches. My father ('24) and my five siblings are also LC graduates as well as our three children (Mike, Rich & Ann Cockerham). Uncle, W. L. Stagg, Jr. ('24) was LBC Director of Missions and LC Board of Trustees member. MANY other relatives served at LBC and SBC agencies as well as churches, Baptist universities and seminaries. Maternal grandfather (Barron) traded property on ""the boulevard"" that allowed LC to locate where it is."

Patricia Vanya Clifford, Class of 1982, BS in Social Work.

Patrick L Mathews, BA - English Literature 1989

Patsie Kae Stockman Sutherland, Class of 1978

Patti Daye Woods, Class of 82

Patty King Fournet, Class of 1979

Paul Gage, Class of 1994

Paul Hand, Class of 2007

Paula Frazier Price

Paula Hegwood Weiss, 1987-1989

Paula Mabry Halle, Class of 1981

Paula Miller, attended 1976-1977

Paula Oglesby Harvill,  attended 1983 -1987

Paula White Morrow, Class of 1975, also worked at LC from 2001-2010.

Pauline Hicks, daughter of Majorie Hicks, class of 1949, secretary to the President for 29 years (Godbold, Guinn, Lynn) and daughter of Ernie Hicks, LC business manager for over 20 years

Payton Poole, Class of 1989

Penny Hathcote Kinchen, 1984

Perry Lassiter, 6-year trustee in the 80's, 45 yr pastor visiting my church students on campus.

Phillip C. Waites, Class of 1970

Phyllis Walter Eyre, Class of 1979

Rachel Istre Graham, Class of 1991

Rachel Wiggins, 1974 - 1975

Ragan Courtney, Class of 1964, B.A. English

Randy Livingston, Class of 1977

Rebecca B Tisdale-Love, mother of Heather Tisdale, class of 1992 and mother in law of Thomas Pitchford, class of 1992

Rebecca Barnard Bundick, Class of 1999

Rebecca Compton Landry, Class of 1980

Rebecca Watts, Class of 2006

Rebecca Wood Whalen, attended 1972-1975

Regina Hanberry Ervin, Class of 1986

Renee Williams McGee, Class of 1975

Rev. D. H. Rockett, Class of 1929. B.A.

Rev. Earl D. Mercer, Class of 1947. B.A. History. BoT member 2 terms. (Dr. G. Earl Guinn, President)

Richard Clark,Class of 1981

Richard Kautz III, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Religious Studies, 1969-1977; Dean of the Chapel, 1970-1973; Head Resident, Tudor Hall, 1969-1970; Leader, International Studies, 1975-1977.

Rick Guest, Class of 1982

Robin Miles, concerned friend

Robyn Cotton Schwartz, Class of 1995

Robyn Jones Jaffe, Class of 1989; and Staff from 1992-2000

Rodney Lee Duck

Rondall Reynoso, Faculty 2007-2011

Roseann Blann, Class of 1984

Rosemary Cope, on the Student Affairs staff 1980-1983

Roxie F. Goynes, Class of 1980

Russ Turrentine, Class of 2003, Accounting

"Russell E. ""Gene"" Pepiton, Class of 1971"

Rusty B. Gilbert, Class of 1979

Ruth Stagg Craigo Class of 1958. My father, Manly Stagg Class of 1924, me and all 5 of my siblings graduated: Paul Stagg, 1949; Robert Stagg 1954, Pat Stagg Cockerham Class of 1957, Virginia Stagg Colvin Class of 1961, Mary Stagg Gadberry Class of 1965.

Ryland Whitehorn, Class of 1981

Samantha Gilbert, Class of 2013

Sammy Robert Morrow

Samuel Lee Morrow, Class of 2002

Sandra Arnold Melvin, Class of 1979

Sandra Gilcrease Primeaux, Class of 1993

Sandy Collins Brister, Class of 1978

Sarah Dodson Fortenberry, Class of 2008. BM Music.

Sarah Myres, parent of potential student, Freshman Class of 2018

Sarah Sharp Upshaw, Class of 2008

Scott Collier, Class of 1980.

Scott Culpepper, Class of 1996 and Assistant Professor of History, 2007-2012

Scott LaBarre, CDlass of 1981

Scott Sontag, Class of 1980. B.S. Church Music. Staff at LC from 1990-1999.

Shane O'Neill, Class of 2003

Sharon Beaubouef, Class of '91

Sharon Hennigan Waters, Attended 1977

Sharon L. Pepiton, Class of 1971

Sharon M. Campbell, Class of 2000

Sharon Pieri Mork, attended 1983-1986

Shaun K. Thornhill

Shayla Hunter, attended LC 1999-2001

Shelley Jinks Johnson, Class of 1996

Sidney Williams, Class of 1984

Stephanie A. Stanfill, Class of 1994

Stephen Laughlin, Class of 1990

Stephen Pyle, Class of 1978

Steve Clawson 

Steve Spurlock, 1973-1975

Steve Walker

Steven St.John, Class of 1979

Susan Hamby, Alumni, Class of 1973

Susan Tudor, Class of 1970

Susan Williams Gunter, Class of 1990

Suzanne (Suzy) Emmitt, Class of 1979

Talbert Tipto,n Class of 1999

Tamara Knapp Morrison, Class of 1979

Tammie Weaver May, BS Biology 1981, Attended Sept 1978 - Aug 1981; MSN, ACNS-BC, Liberty University

Tammy Killian (Former LC Faculty)

Tara Terrill, Class of 1980

Taylor Smith, Ph.D. Class of 2007.

Teresa Seymour, community member

Terri Bishop Sibley, attended from 1977 to 1978.

Terry Fleming, Attended 1979-1982

Terry Townsend, Class of 1985

Theresa Hebert Ussery, Class of 2004

Tiffany Nelson Choate, Class of 1999

Timothy Saucier, 1992-1997

Tina Smith, concerned community member

Titus K. Belgard, Class of 1999

Todd Teears, Class of 1994

Tom Arnold.,Class of 1983

Tom Watkins, Class of 1977

Tracy Gunter, Class of 1989, staff 1991-1995

Tracy Loe, Class of 2006, TEACH program 2008, MAT class of 2009

Trey Qualls, Class of 2007

Trudy Pitre Marsh, Class of 1979

Valerie Grant, 1998-1999

Valerie Trejo Lee, Class of 2006

Vance Nickelson, Gradutated December 1993, walked May 1994.

Vicki Drewett Buckhalter, Class of 1995

Vicki Janies Smith, Class of 1981

Victoria Mitchell Maerz, 2004-2005, 2009-2011

Vyrtis Paulk Cox, Class of 1944

Wade Cline, Class of 1984

Wade Luquet, Class of 1981

Wayne McEntire, Class of 1985

Wayne Sibley, Class of 1980

Wendy Donaldson, 1987-88.

Wendy Wallace TerHaar, Class of 1983

William R. Miller, Class of 1976.

Winnie Prewitt, community member and parent of 2 LC grads

Wylie Hoggatt, 1992-1993"

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