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Gubernatorial candidate calls out Jindal in McAllister Scandal

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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - The outcries from Louisiana Republican leaders calling for Rep. Vance McAllister to resign after he was caught on video kissing a married woman stand in sharp contrast to the muted GOP response seven years ago during Sen. David Vitter's prostitution scandal.

Some say the response represents a Republican double-standard. It's also likely rooted in part in McAllister's outsider status within the Louisiana GOP establishment.

State party chairman Roger Villere and Gov. Bobby Jindal have called on McAllister to resign. Villere won't explain why he feels differently about McAllister's sex scandal than Vitter's, and Jindal won't answer questions about whether Vitter should have resigned.

The renewed attention comes at an especially bad time for Vitter, who has launched a campaign for governor and had hoped to leave his own scandal behind.

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A Democratic candidate for the governor's office is calling out Bobby Jindal.

Jindal released a statement on Thursday saying that Vance McAllister should resign.

Democrat John Bel Edwards released a statement on Friday calling out what he believes is hypocrisy.

The statement reads:

Amidst a growing chorus of Republican officials calling for the resignation of Congressman Vance McAllister, State Representative and candidate for Governor John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) questions the double standard being displayed.

"While I am as disappointed as anyone to see Louisiana embarrassed, yet again, by an elected official who professes family values in public but practices something else entirely in private, I can't help but ask why Senator Vitter is not held to the same standard as Congressman McAllister," he said. "Everyone from Governor Jindal to the party chairman are calling for his resignation because he was caught kissing a married woman. But when Senator Vitter was caught in a prostitution scandal these same people rushed to his defense. Am I missing something here?"

Edwards is not alone in his assessment of the hypocrisy on display. Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere has refused to answer questions from the press as to why Senator Vitter was not asked to resign as well when he was tied to Washington D.C. prostitutes in 2007.

"The Republican leadership has said Representative McAllister 'engaged in conduct unbecoming a member of congress, on public time, in a public office.' I don't question that statement at all. What I do question is how Senator Vitter taking phone calls from an escort service while casting votes on the floor of the United States House of Representatives is different in any way?"

"The Republican Party calling Rep. McAllister a ‘hypocrite' after it defended Sen. Vitter reaches a level of hypocrisy so great I'm not sure the English language even has a word describe it. Maybe "hypo-hypocrisy?" The people at Webster's Dictionary have a busy weekend ahead of them,' Edwards said.

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