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Cenla sees Easter cold snap

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5)- It was a cold one last night- temperatures dipped into the 30's here in Cenla after several weeks of warm, spring weather. News Channel 5's Rachael Penton spoke with local growers to find out how well they weathered the Easter cold snap.

It's an old wives tale known as the Easter cold snap.

"Everyone here was telling me there was going to be one more before Easter," says farmer Christian Williams of Inglewood Farms.

Each year warmer spring weather arrives, but growers know there's a chance they'll have to deal with one more cold snap before the Easter holiday.

"When I saw it was going to get into the 30's I started thinking about pulling out the plastic and the cover cloth," adds Williams.

If the proper precautions aren't taken, plants could be damaged.

"If it gets too cold it'll burn it and it's damaged and you can't sell the product," says Larry Laborde of Eco Nursery in Forest Hill.

The farmers at Inglewood covered their newly planted vegetables, while Eco Nursery in Forest Hill was up before sunrise keeping an eye on things.

"We came in early this morning and kept water on them and kept the frost off," adds Laborde.

But despite near record-breaking low temperatures across Cenla, most growers agree that everything turned out all right.

"We just stayed in the truck and rolled around to different nurseries and we just watched, kept looking at our phones and making sure the temperature wasn't dropping too low and finally right at daylight we knew that we was alright," says Laborde.

"It looks pretty good. I think it all came out pretty good," says Williams.

And they hope that winter has finally ended with this Easter cold snap.

"We had an unusual year. It was a tough one this year and I think- hopefully this is the last one."

The growers we spoke with were out first thing this morning uncovering their plants. They say if you leave them covered up for too long it can be just as damaging as the cold temperatures.

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