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Neglected horse in Grant Parish rescued, owner cited for cruelty

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Photo Courtesy of the Humane Society of Louisiana Photo Courtesy of the Humane Society of Louisiana
MONTGOMERY, La. (KALB News Channel 5) A Grant Parish woman has been cited for animal cruelty after an investigation by the Grant Parish Sheriff's Department and a local equine group.

About two weeks ago, the Humane Society of Louisiana said it received a tip from a veterinarian who observed a horse living in a small fenced-in area on Duffy Lane without any shelter, hay, or clean shavings.The report was forwarded to the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office, which dispatched Deputy Michael Brent Murrell of the Animal Control Division to the scene.

Deputy Murrell and Cpl. Cade Fletcher of the patrol division contacted the owners and examined the horse and its living conditions. They said the horse showed signs of visible neglect and malnutrition, with its hip bones, ribs, and spine protruding. Their investigation also found the area housing the horse covered with mud and feces about 8 in. deep, and no feed or water were observed on the premises.

Officer Fletcher issued a summons to Mrs. Kassie Breanne Brown on one count of simple cruelty to animals and contacted J&J Horse Rescue and Rehab Center Inc., a local horse recovery and rehabilitation center, in Montgomery. Jessica Chelette of the horse rescue group took possession of the horse and will wait for the court to decide on its final decision.  

"We thank the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office for their prompt response to this matter and the professional way in which they conducted their investigation," said Jeff Dorson, HSL Director. "This horse was in obvious distress and had to be quickly removed from its environment and given immediate care. We are equally grateful for the services provide by J&J Horse Rescue and Rehab Center, a local animal charity organization, and their quick response in removing the horse." 

According to the Humane Society of Louisiana, the number of horse abuse and neglect cases and complaints seems to be increasing at an alarming rate.
Dorson said it is difficult to respond to each complaint with resources stretched thin and high costs involved with rehabilitating neglected horses.

"We currently have more than a dozen formerly abused horses at our sanctuary, and the numbers that need additional care probably range in the hundreds, if not more," Dorson said.

According to Dorson, the surplus of horses in Louisiana has made it possible to buy a horse for less than $100.00 at any sale barn. However, he said annual vaccinations, hay and feed, de-worming, teeth and hoof care, regular check-ups and other expenses add up for horse owners. 

"To adequately care for a horse takes several thousands of dollars a year, which some people refuse to spend or simply lack the resources to begin with," Dorson said.  "Owning a horse is not a cheap hobby or vocation."

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