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Mayor-elect of Colfax has big plans and positive outlook

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COLFAX, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Ossie Clark will take office as the mayor of Colfax July 1. 

Clark says, he'll be getting to work right away. 

"I think it's greatest strength is that it is still a small community," said Clark. "So the best thing we can do is capitalize on that by bringing people closer together, by getting more initiatives and projects together where we have to start working together more as a family."

Clark says possible projects include starting neighborhood watch programs, to address recent crimes in town.  

"Because things that are happening far off are starting to come closer to home," he said. "We have to start taking more initiative to police our areas better, and that's where neighborhood watches are going to come in."
Some residents agree.  
"I lived here because it was nice to raise my kids in the country and the crime rate was kind of low," said MacErika Smith, a Colfax resident. "But now I'm kind of like, is this a good place to raise my children?"
A focus on keeping kids safe, but also keeping them happy.  
"Maybe some type of center that may help the children have after school activities," Smith said. "But also they can help them during school."
"I'm not thinking about myself in this vicissitude," Clark said. "I'm thinking about the people who are coming up after me: our children and our children's children."
One town council member says the priority is maintaining the town and maintaining an open dialogue with the council.  
"The communication, for one," said Councilman Alan Futrell. "The past mayors have always kept the town councils informed of what's going on, what decisions are being made. And communication is probably the major point."
To make Colfax the town Ossie Clark and his constituents can be proud of.  
"Because I want Colfax to be that place where people stop saying 'Where is that?' to "That's the place I want to be,'" Clark said.  
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