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Young Achiever: Timothy Shertzer

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Timothy Shertzer, a student at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, recently scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. Now, it's onto the next challenge, but he needs some help to get there. 

Timothy Shertzer woke up early to check his ACT score. 

"I remember everything that happened that morning," said Julie Shertzer, Timothy's mother. 

Like any student, the 16-year-old LSMSA sophomore hoped for good news about his test. 

"I thought I would do well," said Timothy. 

But he wasn't prepared for just how well he'd done. 

"I heard a printer going and and I heard thump thump thump running down the hall," Julie Shertzer recalled, "and he had his paper in his hand and he said 'Is this a dream?'"

It wasn't a dream: Shertzer scored a perfect 36 on his ACT, an accomplishment fewer than one-tenth of a percent of test takers experience.
"I think everyone was just genuinely really surprised and really happy and really excited," said Timothy. 

With one achievement behind him, Timothy has another goal in mind: the National Speech and Debate Association Tournament in Overland Park, Kansas, June 15-20. 

Each year the association invites the top two competitors of districts across the U.S., with Louisiana being its own district.

"So it's kind of a really intense tournament and it's hard to get to," Timothy said. "But it's a lot of fun once you get there."

Shertzer is no novice to the national speech and debate circuit. He has five years of experience, and has attended nationals since eighth grade.

"He's just amazing to watch, he really is," said Julie Shertzer. "He just gets on a role and he just knows exactly what to say; he convinces you that he knows exactly what he's talking about and seems to have so much knowledge and knows how to express that knowledge--and I'm just amazed by it."

And now Timothy hopes to convince others to help fund his trip 8-day trip to Kansas. 

"The young people of today are the future of tomorrow," he said, "and whenever we have this young generation that has so much potential I think it's really important that we look into funding their experiences that help them with communications, that help them with self confidence, that help them with their writing skills and so many other things."

The young achiever also encourages others to participate in speech and debate.

"Don't be afraid to make your voice heard because that's something a lot of people--they have opinions about things, but they don't express them," Timothy said. "And that's something that I can't stress the importance of enough."

To help Timothy make the trip to nationals, click here
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