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Mayor blames lack of progress on lower Third Street on councilman

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB News Channel 5) -- The latest attempt to build a grocery store at the old stockyard on lower Third Street has hit another bump in the road.

For the past few years, the community has asked for a grocery store to be built.

In 2012, a developer stepped up to the plate to build the store, but also wanted to constrict rental homes in the space. The plans fell through because neighbors wanted the store without the homes.

The city wants to give it another go. But, the administration and the district's councilman are bumping heads.

News Channel 5's Brooke Buford has more.

Resheda O'Connor wants one thing in her neighborhood - a grocery store.

"I'm 29-years-old and I haven't see it yet in lower Third," said O'Connor.

Many have tried, but the project to build the grocery store at the old stockyard has continued to fail.

"Well, it ain't done yet," said Coleman Jones, another resident.

Wednesday morning, Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy put the blame on the district's councilman, Jules Green, saying Green won't cooperate with the city when it comes to getting things done in his district.

"Since he's been on the council, I have not known him to work with us on any aid for the indigent or for the needy," said Mayor Roy. "And, for that matter, on any bill for his district at all. None. Nada. He's simply not there."

The mayor also had this to say...

"I think the way Jules Green is handling the business of the city and what he does in here is cowardly," he said.

But, Jules Green says it's the mayor's politics that are preventing the store from being built. 

"We need this," said Green. "We're trying to."

Green says the mayor refuses to work with him and resorts to calling him names instead of working together.

"He's looking and grasping at all straws," said Green. "He's not being accountable. So, if name calling is his way of going for it, more power to you Mayor Roy."

Green says he'll continue to push for that grocery store until it finally gets built.

"I'm going to continue to fight to see that district three and that area obtain a grocery store where these people can get fresh produce, groceries and live in a community that is appreciative of what is occurring," he said.

The mayor says, until the two are able to communicate, he doesn't see that happening soon.

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