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Bentley named most conservative town in Louisiana

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BENTLEY, La. (KALB News Channel 5) - Louisiana has a history of being a red state, but according to a report by Business Insider, one Cenla town takes that to a new level.

The Town of Bentley may not be known for much.

"It's small-town, it's not even - hardly call it a town," said Chris Daigrepont, a Bentley resident. 

"If you blink you probably miss it going through," Al Quartemont, another resident of Bentley. 

But a report by gave it a new title: the most conservative town in the state. The report gathered data from a seven-question survey, with topics ranging from abortion regulations to gun control.

"Agreeing with any of those statements indicated a more liberal perspective, and disagreeing indicated a conservative perspective," said Hunter Walker, the political editor for Business Insider. 

The Grant Parish town has a population of about 600 residents, but enough residents disagreed with the statements to earn Bentley the claim of most conservative.

"Certain states where the communities that tended to the more extreme on either side of the spectrum were really, really small," said Walker.

While Bentley, Louisiana, may not be known for being a hotbed of political commentary, the residents we spoke to were not surprised at all by the findings.

"I was happy," said Daigrepont. "I was really happy. Proud, you could say."

"My thought was that's perfect," Quartemont said. "Because my experience with the folks there, I would say that's pretty accurate."

Both Daigrepont and Quartemont have spent significant time living in Bentley, and and from what they say, it appears the town fits the bill.

New Channel 5 asked them both if they personally knew of anyone who voted Democrat in the last presidential election from Bentley. 

"Not to my knowledge," said Daigrepont.

"No, I don't know anyone who personally did vote for Barack Obama," Quartemont said. "Maybe there is somebody, I could be wrong."

According to that report, Louisiana's most liberal city is Point a la Hache in Plaquemines Parish.

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